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Top Five Fifty Shades of Grey Spin Offs (Including a Christian Grey Cake)

Posted on the 13 July 2012 by Periscope @periscopepost

50 Shades of Cake 50 Shades of Cake. Made by Richard’s Cakes, of Manchester.

The background

Fifty Shades of Grey, the sado-masochistic book by E L James that started as Twilight fanfiction and is now the fastest selling book ever, has, er, spurred a lot of spin offs. The tale sees young Anastasia being inducted into a life of very kinky sex by the super-rich Christian Grey. It’s sold 30 million copies worldwide. Everybody’s jumping on the sexy bandwagon. Even the sky in London, which is mostly fifty shades of gray. (Had to do that.)

Here’s our Top Five

1. Hotel Packages

Hotel Max in Seattle, in a not at all desperate gesture, is offering a Fifty Shades of Seattle experience, which includes a driver, a helicopter and some sailing, with some Bollinger – “a favorite of Mr. Grey himself.” It’ll set you back a couple of thousand dollars. Periscope wonders if whips are included.

2. Merchandise

E L James has signed a deal with Caroline Mickler to produce a range of Fifty Shades of Grey merchandise, including make up, lingerie and fragrances. Again, Periscope wonders if sex toys will be included in the branding.

 3. Spin off books

Had enough of Fifty Shades of Grey? (Periscope has, without even having read it.) Why not try Fifty Shames of Earl Grey by Fanny Merkin? Or, the, er 50 Shades of Grey musical? Which must have a rather strong rhythm section.

4. Sex Toys

Yes, yes, all right, here we are. You’re being offered (sigh) Fifty Shades of Play from the website Sextoys.co.uk. It won’t be long before there are mannequins made in the shape of what women think Christian Grey looks like. Let alone other, er, objects.

5. Cake

When will it end? Richard’s Cakes of Manchester have made a Christian Grey cake (see picture above.) “Look at those little fondant abs. Hee,” chortled the Reading Copy Book Blog.


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