Top Eighteen Advantages of Smartphone

Posted on the 16 July 2019 by Anees @ZulfiqarAAnees

Are you surprised at the title? Well, you know the advantages of smartphone, don’t you? But we have taken care to include even those aspects rarely found on the internet. Just imagine the time three decades ago in India. A BSNL landline was considered a luxury in those days. And you will have to make an STD call or an ISD call to speak to a friend in another State or a relative in another country. But consider the same situation now. You can speak to another via smart mobile. You can even opt for video calling. In this article, let us zero down on the many advantages of smartphone.


It is the features of the smart mobile which have helped the device in attaining popularity. If you had to go on a vacation in the old days, you need to take a camera. Now, every smart mobile has a camera. And in the 1990s, mobiles were a luxury to consider. But at present, you rarely can see an Indian without a smart mobile.


As per the recent update, nearly forty percent of the Indian population own a smart mobile. It is the millennial population who are more interested in possessing this device. The popularity has grown to such an extent that there is a new word coined in the English dictionary – Nomophobia. In very short words, it is the fear of being away from your mobile.

Eighteen Advantages of SmartPhone You Need To Know

1. Communication

Communication / ©TechMag

In fact, mobile phones have revolutionized the daily activities of people. Mobile has evolved from the old communication devices. It is the best way of communication in recent times. In the olden days, you have to wait for a letter or make a long-distance call. You can, with ease, communicate by SMS, calls, video chat or text messages.

2. Web Surfing

Web Surfing
Web Surfing / © TechMag

Before the smartphone, mobile was existent, but the only difference, you cannot browse the web. So, people in the 1990s used to go to Internet Cafes to gain information. Now, with the smartphone, you can easily browse the web. In recent times, rarely you will see a person in public places who do not watch videos on the internet in public places.

3. Camera

Camera / © TechMag

It is the digital era. And also the ‘selfie’ era. In the olden days, you needed a camera to click a photo. But in recent times, your mobile can act as a camera and video shooting device. Many smartphone owners have opined one of the major reasons for purchasing a branded mobile is because of the camera. And when it comes to the millennial generation, they want only the best features in their smart mobile.

4. Entertainment

Entertainment / © TechMag

Just a decade ago, newspapers, radio, and television were the only sources of entertainment and information. But now, with mobiles having internet browsing feature, you can get to know the recent updates in the world on your industry within a second. And if you are a music lover, listen to your favorite songs via iTunes and Spotify. You can also watch movies and read e-books via your smartphone.

You can also send recent news happening on video and audio podcast to friends/relatives around the world on wedding, birthday parties, sports and many more.

5. Advantages of Smartphone – Education

Education / © TechMag

Nowadays, tiny tots learn more about alphabets in mobile videos than in school. The children, these days, play games on the mobile and watch videos related to education.

6. Advantages of smartphones – Productivity Apps

2016 was the year of apps. If you have a smartphone, it is quite natural to have at least 36 apps on your mobile. And they are useful to complete day-to-day activities. For example, you can pay the electricity bills, photo editing, video editing, and even ticket booking.

7. GPS

 Global Positioning System is an important part of this device. If you are traveling to another area, you can reach the exact location by making use of this feature. So, the smartphone also helps in transportation.

With the help of many navigation apps available online, you can find your target destination with ease. Unlike the older days, you do not have to roam around asking people to go to the target spot. You can also get to know the distance of the destination from your present location. There are some models which have navigation feature.

8. Travel

Let us imagine, you want to go to a new place. You have booked train tickets online. And you have got the receipt. Unlike the olden days, you do not need a hard copy. If the ticket collector comes, you can just show the soft copy of the receipt.

If you are a traveler to a new place, you do not have to search for referrals to ask for the best restaurant. You can browse the internet, and search for the best restaurant, look at the reviews. Then you can make a decision.

Just imagine, you are a traveler in another State of India. There is a sign written in the local language. You cannot understand the language. You can just take an image of the words and then use Google translate for deciphering it to English. Do you need to know the best recipes in a foreign place? You can search for the answers on your mobile.

Lost your group during bike travel? There is a feature called instant messaging in some models. So, the person at the other end can get an immediate response from your side.

9. Advantages of SmartPhone – Helps Maintain Privacy

Helps Maintain Privacy
Helps Maintain Privacy / © TechMag

Yes, your smartphone can get hacked. But if you have followed the minimum security guidelines, then your smartphone will act as the best database. You can preserve your original photos, do online transactions with your smart mobile. You can secure the information with a PIN, code or make use of your fingerprint.

Your friends/relatives are just a tap away. You can travel around the globe and still remain in touch with your family via smartphones.

10. Easy Answering of Email Messages And Posts

Easy Answering of Email Messages And Posts
Easy Answering of Email Messages And Posts / © TechMag

Before the smart mobile came to existence, you need to login to the laptop to answer the email and other messages. But with the mobile, you can log in to your account reply in an instant. Also, you can do the same with your social media accounts. You can just take a selfie in a world tourist spot and upload the image on Instagram. All thanks, to the smart mobile. This is one of the advantages of smartphone.

Are you in a night shift and get dropped at 4 am in the morning? You feel hungry and there is not a shop that is open. No issues. You can log in to the Zomato and Swiggy app and order food. The favorite recipe will get delivered to your home.

You can also write down notes, do work reports and create reminders on your mobile phone.

11. Advantages of smartphone – Relaxation

Relaxation / © TechMag

If you are stressed after a hard day’s work and travel by the company’s transport, you can relax by seeing the videos on your mobile.

If you are stressed, you can play crossword puzzle games to refresh your brain.

12. Advantages of smartphone – Texting

Texting / © TechMag

If you want to learn a new course, you can log into the app, and then start learning via the mobile.

There were times when you have to note down the shopping list on a piece of paper. Not any more. You can just note it down on your mobile. You can make use of photos, audios or videos to record vital information.

13. Advantages of smartphone – Online Banking/Finance

Online Banking
Online Banking / © TechMag

One of the top advantages of smartphones is tracking down your finance information. You can get the updates on your mobile after making a payment. If you are a stockbroker, it is easy to check the stocks and shares online.

14. Advantages of SmartPhone – Maintain Address Book/Contacts

Maintain Address Book
Maintain Address Book / © TechMag

What is the top advantage of having a smartphone? You can save as many contacts as possible. You can also note down the contact details for friends and co-workers. You do not have to remember any phone number or contact number or even the name. The search option will help you find it.

15. Advantages of SmartPhone – Helps in Emergencies

Helps in Emergencies / Unsplash

After the Nirbhaya incident, smart mobiles have gained wide prominence. If you are in danger, you can just tap an app, and an alert will be sent to your loved and dear ones. Let us imagine the situation. You worked past 9 pm and now walking towards the bus stop. You are followed by three men on the road. You activate the smartphone and touch an app. The mobile vibrates frequently and gives an alarm. The three men run off in the opposite direction. A smartphone camera can also help in gathering evidence against antisocial elements.


Alarms / © TechMag

There was a time when you have to buy a device called an alarm clock. This is to wake you up in the morning.

Advantages of smartphone – Calculator 

Mobile Calculator
Mobile Calculator / © TechMag

You do not need a calculator to do the number additions. You can just work out the invoices, percentages, tax rates and more. Now, nobody uses normal calculators to do mathematics.

Advantages of smartphone – Flashlight/Torch

Flashlight in mobile
Flashlight in mobile / © TechMag

Do you even remember torchlight? It is a device carried during darkness. But now, your mobile has a flashlight. In India, it is called a torch. If the electricity goes off, and you have a mobile, you can just switch on the smartphone torch.

Other Uses of SmartPhone

Do you need to send your photo or any sort of information to another person? You can use ShareIt or any other app to do the same.

Do you know, the recent models do also have a personal digital assistant (PDA)? You can control by voice and message. The recent models come equipped with a calendar, address book, notepad, voice recorder, and many other features to ensure that your personal and professional life runs smoothly.

There are many professionals who have two individual mobiles. One model, they use for personal purposes and the other is for professional reasons. Are you one among them? In the professional mobile model, you have the spreadsheet, database programs, and word processing capabilities. You can search for the relevant apps on the internet and download them to your mobile. And if the charges for the models get low, you can easily charge them in your car. Or you can use an electrical cable to charge the mobile.


All said and done. Did you get to know the top advantages of smartphone in your daily life? In an unfortunate situation, what will you do if the mobile phone gets damaged? You have to ensure it gets repaired as quickly as possible. But how? Do you permit us to explain how to handle this situation the best way by an example? You are in Bangalore and your three-year-old daughter has broken the smartphone display. What should be your next step? The best way is to hire a technician via the companies offering home appliance services in Bangalore. They have technicians who offer an online mobile repair in Bangalore at your doorstep. Since your mobile is broken, you need to use your laptop. You have to go to the website, search for the relevant service and book the specific request for the best mobile repair engineer in Bangalore. Decide the place you want the mobile to get service. In the office? Then select the suitable time and ask the concerned pro to come to the office at the chosen time. You can also choose to use your friend’s/spouse’s mobile for placing a request. In this case, you need to download the app and then do the needful.

In fact, you can easily solve the problem of fixing the problem in your mobile by this method.

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