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Top 8 Spectacular Natural Phenomena Photos

By Srinul @damnamazing

Top 8 Spectacular Natural Phenomena Photos title post
Spectacular Natural Phenomena Photos 8
A Sundog or mock sun, is another natural optical phenomenon, occuring when bright light resembling halo appears on either the sun’s right or left side. Sun dog which may appear at any given season, and in any part of the world, is best appreciated when the sun is low in the horizon. Read More
Top 8 Spectacular Natural Phenomena Photos
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Spectacular Natural Phenomena Photos 1
From a distance, it looks like someone spared no expense to put on a spectacular, colorful light show that can be seen from miles away. But these strange columns of light that often confound onlookers are actually caused by the combined forces of light and falling ice crystals. Read More
Top 8 Spectacular Natural Phenomena Photos
A hour and a half of Mexico City, you can see one of the most beautiful geological phenomena in nature, these are the Prismas Basalticos (Basaltic Prisms), located in the town of Santa Maria Regla in the state of Hidalgo. The Prism Basalt are geometric basalt columns that decorate the walls of the gully impressive of Santa Maria Regla. Read More
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The Strokkur, emblematic of Iceland, spectacular natural phenomenon beyond description. This geysir erupts every few minutes, starting with a slow build up of activity, and the water rushing into a dome shape, which eventually erupts into a column of steam. Read More
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In sub aquatic acoustics, refraction is the warping or bending of a sound ray which results when the ray transports via a sound velocity gradient from a area of one sound speed to a area of a varied speed. The quantity of ray curving is conditional upon the total distinction amid sound speeds, that is, the diversity in temperature, saltiness, and pressure of the water. Read More
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Have you experienced a night of darkness that extends more than 24 hour? This spectacular natural phenomenon happens only inside the polar circle and it is called the Polar night. Since the Earth’s axis is tilted 26 degrees, certain regions of the Arctic and Antarctic Circle experience a once-a-yearof more than 24-hour of total darkness. An added treat… Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) is best seen during Polar nights. Read More
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Dark clouds bearing down on the city on April 17, 2011 in Foshan, Guangdong Province of China. According to flood control authorities on Monday, gales as strong as 45.5 meters per second, accompanied by hailstorm. Read More
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By Archana Narayanan
posted on 03 November at 15:04

physics in real life is absolutely breathtaking! awsssssssssome.........