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Top 7 Tidbits from True Blood’s Comic-Con Panel

Posted on the 23 July 2011 by Tbfansource @tbfansource

True Blood Season 4Well Truebies, for those of us who were not lucky enough to attend 2011 Comic-Con, TVGuide.com has compiled a list of the top 7 spoilers or pieces of information that came out during True Blood‘s panel.  We will be hearing more from True Blood Fan Source co-founder Shanea O’Connor and her Comic-Con experience shortly but in the meantime here is what you absolutely must know.

1.  Eric and Sookie WILL Shower Together – fans of Charlaine Harris‘ books which True Blood is based on have been waiting oh so patiently for Season 4 and the infamous shower scene.  Alan Ball confirms that there will be a shower scene but it might not be what we are expecting.

“There will be a moment in the show where Sookie and Eric are together in a shower,” Ball says. “It may not be exactly what’s in the books. It may be weirder and dirtier. Maybe.”

Hmmm sounds interesting!

2.  When Eric Bit Pam – Many fans have been curious about the backstory with Pam and Eric and Ball confirms that we will see how Eric turned Pam during Season 5.  And really just the mention of Season 5 is music to our ears. 

3.  Vampires UniteBill and Eric have never been on the same team.  In fact the duo has worked quite hard against each other.  That is going to change this season.  With the witches causing such chaos the vampires will have no choice but to unite in order to defeat them.  According to Ball:

“The entire community is pretty much under siege during this season. I think the vampires will stick together to fight the common enemy.”

4.  Twin Faeries? – Fans of the Sookie Stackhouse novels know that Claudine (who was drained by Eric 2 episodes ago) has a twin but we were not quite sure if Alan Ball was going to follow that part of the books.  It appears that he may be doing just that.  Although Sookie’s faerie godmother is dead, Ball reveals that we should still expect to see more of that side of her family:

“Those of you who know the books, know that faeries are born in litters — and they’re identical.”

5.  The Rise of Hooligans – Hooligans is a strip club in the books that is run by a faerie and it looks like we will be seeing some of that storyline on True Blood.  According to Ball there will be some differences:

“It may not have the same name, but there will be a business venture that involves people of both sexes taking their clothes off for paying audiences.  It will have a completely other twisted supernatural purpose in Season 5.”

6.  Ghosts? – we have seen all different types of supernatural beings on True Blood and Ball has confirmed that a new one will be joining their ranks.  

“We will see spirits without bodies. We have seen glimpses of a particular kind of brujo-based, freakish creature-slash-demon-slash-something you’re going to see a lot more of this year,”

Sounds freaky!

7.  Future seasons will move away from the books – Fans of the Charlaine Harris novels may not like this piece of news.  Ball confirmed that the show will move further and further away from the books while remaining true to the spirit of the books.

Personally I think the best piece of information we see here is the multiple references to a Season 5 of True Blood!  Let us know what you think of these revelations in the comment section below.

Source:  TVGuide.com – Eric and Sookie Shower, Twin Fairies and 5 Other Spoilers

Photo Credit: HBO, Inc.

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By Lady Akita
posted on 26 July at 01:29
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OMG! mentions of season 5 is making me so happy! and a hint of more seasons to come makes me so excited. AMAZING!