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Top 7 Social Share Buttons You Just Got To Love

Posted on the 26 September 2013 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija

Let’s start today’s post with a simple question – why do you think or why do we use social share buttons on our blog? To me, I have the social share button here on my blog because I want my readers to share my content to their friends after reading – basically, for more exposure :) . What about you? Please do give me your kind answer by using the comment box below…


Now a day’s – every blog, forum and website owners uses social share button on their platforms. A blogger or a website owner that doesn’t have a share button is not ready for exposure (fact).

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In the wordpress arsenal, we have a lot of social share buttons which are just so awesome but I have selected just 7 awesome plugins that will make your blog sharing experience worthwhile.

Top 7 Social Share Buttons You Just Got To Love

Now without wasting any of our time, let’s start with the show


Share this: This plugin is one awesome social plugin that as all it takes to be on my number one spot

. Recently the developer of the plugin added some cool feature to make it more interesting – and some of the features are;

√ It has the ability to track people that copy your blog post

√ It protects your blog from those lazy bloggers who only copy from other blogs and paste on theirs

√ You get to know how many people share your post and how many people viewed the links.

√ It helps you improve your social media strategy and lots more…

I am using the plugin on my blog and I’ll recommend it to any blogger running a wordpress blog

You can download sharethis plugin here

Sexy bookmark: Also known as Shareaholic is one of the most attractive sharing plugins I have ever seen. It can do almost all what sharethis plugin can do and can even do more



Since the last update, they have added some cool feature to their plugin to make it more active and relevant. Most of the things added are;

√ You have the ability to show related post and recommendation post without installing yet another plugin

√ You can choose the URL shortner you want to use yourself

√ You can track down your social share performance with their simple to understand social analytic tool

The shareaholic plugin can do all that and more


You can download Sexy Bookmark plugin here

Dig dig: Is a floating share button that helps your reader better share your content. But how does this actually works? Let me just show you

… if you check the left side of this blog, you will see a floating share button that looks attractive, right? The name of the floating share button is called Dig Dig.

This plugin is indeed effective – no wonder thousands of blogger use it…

You can download Dig Dig plugin here

Metro style social widget: What this widget simply does is, it allows your readers and fans to subscribe to your fan page easily without them living your blog. Incase you are wondering how it looks, take a peek at my side bar and you’ll see it.

In case you do not like hand coding, this simple light widget is the best for you to increase your fan page.

You can download Metro Style Social Widget here

Flare: Many bloggers are using this share button because it has some unique features that make you wanna love it

. Among the wonderful things it can do are;

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√ It scores blog posts (from 1 – 100) based on the presence your blog gets socially.

√ It gives you the option to place the widget anywhere you feel like on your blog

√ It also gives you the choice to choose where you want it to appear on your post or page. And it does even more…

You can download Flare Plugin here

Add this: This plugin is one of the oldest and also among the popular social plugins around. It has some good features which I know you’ll like and some of the features are stated below;

√ You’ll know who and who are sharing your contents

√ You’ll know the services they are using to share your content

√ You will also know the content shared the most. And it does even more…

No wonder it is been used by millions of people all round platforms…

You can download AddThis Plugin here

Sketch bookmark: For those who want their mobile users to share their contents, this social share feels perfect for it. The plugin is simple and also beautify your blog because the icons are handmade drawing.

It gives you the option to choose which icon to display. It also gives you the option to choose how large you want the icons to display.

You can download Sketch Bookmark Here

The above plugins are my top 7 social share plugins for the year 2013. Hope you find the plugins interesting enough.

Back to you:

It looks like I have said so much about so much, now let me pass the ball to you


What social share button do you use on your blog? Please do use the comment box below to tell us you answer and let’s make the post lively


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