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Top 6 Rookie Fashion Mistakes Men Make

By Cefashion @cefashion

If you are a guy reading this article, good for you! Too many don’t care enough about their appearance to bother, but those who do have a significant advantage when it comes to establishing expertise in the workplace and a good reputation with the ladies.

Guys have it easy compared to what women go through to look their best, but a lot of us still make some basic mistakes. Trim these fashion faux paus from your routine and get ready to turn heads.

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Improper Clothing Fit

It was on sale. You’ve lost weight, or gained it. You want to be comfortable. The most expensive, quality item will fail to flatter if it is the wrong size.

Whatever your reason for wearing clothes that are not a good fit, it is time to do away with these pieces. I think we can all agree that clothes that are too tight never look good. The mistake more men make is believing that clothes that are too large are acceptable. At best this looks lazy and sloppy. Even worse, it often makes you look slighter (if you’re already thin) or heavier (if you tend in that direction) than you already are. Leaving your shape to the imagination rarely works in your favor.

A nice, tailored fit emphasizes your strong features, looks professional, and helps you look your best.

Lack of Attention to Details

Men are not always used to thinking about accessories when the time comes to dress more professionally and create a wardrobe that includes more than sweatshirts with your college mascot splashed across the front. Belts, shoes, and socks are more important than you think to your overall look.

Belts and shoes should be the same color, and must be in good condition. Scuffed shoes and belts with stretched out holes need to go. Socks should be the same color as your pants. They seem like minor details, but don’t ruin the effect of that tailored suit with ugly shoes or a casual belt.

Overdoing It

You want everyone to know that you have style, we get it, but you don’t have to shout it from the rooftops. In other words, be subtle. The style that I see that is not subtle and should be left behind well before leaving your teens is brand advertising. If the most noticeable feature of your clothing is the brand name announced across the front of your shirt, it may be time for a make-over. Show the world that you have style without marketing for your favorite brand.

Other areas that men overdo it in? Hair product and cologne. Chose a style that suits you and can be maintained with your hair type without cementing it into place. As for cologne, just because you can’t smell it doesn’t mean nobody else can. If your standard scent is strong enough for you to tell it’s there, it’s too much.

Terrible Ties

This starts with the fabric that you choose. Move up from cheap polyester ties to a more pliable and attractive silk or wool tie. They will make it easier to achieve that nice knot, which becomes the second problem men have when it comes to ties.

The size of your tie knot should appear balanced with your shirt color and jacket lapel. The length should reach your beltline but not extend below your belt.

Pocket Bulging

You do not want people asking, “Is that an over-stuffed wallet in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” The effort put into a great fit, coordinated accessories, and the perfectly knotted tie will all be wasted if you ruin the effect with pockets that are bulging with devices, business cards, and a wallet that is too thick.

Minimize what you carry in your pockets and use a briefcase if you really must have all that stuff. A money clip is a more attractive alternative to a wallet that tends to collect junk.

Copying Magazine Styles

You’ve seen women’s magazines and you’ve seen real women. You’ve noticed the differences. The same goes for men’s magazines. Since men are newer to the idea of fashion, they can be more likely to take something from a fashion magazine that is too outlandish or not suited to them and giving it a try. Be careful to take away only what will look good on you and be well received in the region in which you live.

Mark Greene is a writer for men’s lifestyle website Mens Axis and a fashion enthusiast who is currently living in Chicago, IL. Based in one of the most exciting cities in the world, Mark observes modern fashion and trends on a daily basis and likes to share styles that help men look their best.

Top 6 Rookie Fashion Mistakes Men Make
Top 6 Rookie Fashion Mistakes Men Make

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