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Top 6 Cool Tech Gadgets to Buy Online

By Harshil Barot @Harshil_Barot

Many of us roam the internet constantly in search of cool , and we are rarely disappointed. It is truly full of them! Any kind you like. New, inventive, and exciting.

Best Tech Gadgets to Buy In 2020

Top 6 Cool Tech Gadgets to Buy Online

Life and technology take giant leaps and it's our job to keep up with them. So if you, like many others prefer to stay at home these days rather than go to an actual store, here are 6 cool gadgets you can easily find online.

This device is not exactly new, but it's unbelievably useful in case you have bad reception at home or at the office. It basically amplifies your signal to set you free of dropped calls and give you the opportunity to use your 4G without frustration. A cell phone signal booster is fairly simple in its construction.

There are 3 main components to it: The outside antenna ( an omni or yagi), the amplifier itself, and the indoor antenna. These components are interconnected with coaxial cables, and once you hook it up correctly, you will notice an increased signal straight away.

There are different boosters out there, depending on the signal you want to amplify, the coverage, and your provider. So do some research before you decide to purchase one and don't be shy to ask for advice!

If you don't live alone, you are definitely familiar with the following situation: your roommate/spouse/sibling cranks up the AC because they are constantly uncomfortable with the temperature that's comfortable for you. The AC can be a battleground, but it doesn't have to be.

There's a cool new portable AC device on the market that you may find helpful. It's energy-conserving and eco-friendly. You only have to keep an eye on the water level in the tank. It's noiseless and doesn't vibrate, so you can plug it in wherever you are and feel comfortable.

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This clever little device is an elliptical machine that you can use under your desk or pretty much anywhere you like. It hooks up to an app in order for you to track calories and other health stats. But the most important thing is it allows you to keep the healthy blood circulation in your legs while sitting down.

This machine is extremely helpful if you have circulation issues and if there is literally no time to go to the gym. Use it while at your desk at work or at home. IT is also very useful for people with limited mobility and helps them stay healthier.

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This device takes us back to the basics and it is unbelievably useful for campers. It allows you to charge devices using water power and wind. Place it in the water and the turbine will generate energy from the stream of the river. The same goes for wind.

Even if you are in extreme conditions with so water or wind at the moment, it has a crank, so you can produce energy manually, and charge your phone enough to call for help if you need to. Great for long hikes and any extreme conditions you may find yourself in!

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This great little device is so useful during business trips! If you are in another city or country and you have to print a document ASAP, usually you have to scramble to find one quickly enough. But this device will help you stay on top of your game.

is a great printer you can take with you and hook up to your phone. It will print wherever you are. All you need is some paper and a firm surface.

This is not a gadget strictly speaking, but so much fun to experiment with! It looks like a piece of modeling clay that can stick to plastic, metal, and pretty much any surface you like and stay there for a long time! There are endless possibilities of use, just think about it!

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If your favorite sneakers started leaking, no problem! You can stick a piece of sugru on it and use your shoes for another couple of years. Or if you want to hang something in the bathroom without damaging the tiles! This glue is waterproof and can carry significant weight too.

You can repair devices, stick hooks to the wall, and generally revive broken cords and cables, along with anything else. We all know how quickly they can break.

There are so many more cool things you can get online, with new ones coming out all the time. Innovation is endless, so you can expect new and exciting gadgets every year! Keep your finger on the pulse and don't miss out on all the great stuff happening online.

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