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Top 50 Signs You Are A Foodie

Posted on the 29 April 2016 by 72point @72hub
Top 50 Signs You Are A Foodie

A poll of 2,000 people revealed the top 50 foodie indicators, which include always trying new dishes when eating out and being willing to try all kinds of different ingredients when cooking.

Knowing the correct pronunciations of unusual or exotic foods, reading food magazines and being able to recognise what is missing from a dish, simply by tasting it also featured on the list.

It also emerged that one in three Brits have been labelled a 'foodie' by someone, with 65 per cent now believing it's cool to be seen as a food fan.

The poll was commissioned by Green & Black's Organic to mark the start of the chocolatier's nationwide 'Taste & Colour Tour', which will see a vintage van, 'Coco', visit foodie 'hot spots' across the country and sample regional recipes with a Green & Black's twist.

Brandt(CORR) Maybury, Taste Specialist at Green & Black's Organic, said: "Our food and tastes have become far more adventurous and exotic in recent years, allowing people to experiment with dishes more than ever before.

"As a result, the term 'foodie' has become more and more popular and trendy.

"Anyone can call themselves one, but it seems there are certain criteria you need to meet before you can really be considered a 'true foodie'.

"Regardless everyone can enjoy food, cooking and experimenting with different ingredients.

"We hope the Green & Black's Taste & Colour Tour encourages people to try something a little different - you never know, this may be the start of your journey to becoming a fully-fledged foodie."

Choosing to eat in different restaurants is the top sign you are a foodie, followed by enjoying trying new dishes when eating out and looking forward to the weekly food shop - as opposed to seeing it as a chore.

Being willing to try all kinds of food and ingredients came forth, with knowing what wine to pair with meat and fish, and reading food magazines at five and six in the list.

Knowing the best herbs to use to compliment a dish, experimenting instead of following recipes to the letter, creating your own meals from scratch and being able to recognise when a dish is missing something simply by taste complete the top ten.

Other signs to feature in the list include being someone who enjoys watching cookery shows and going to small independent or specialist shops rather than supermarkets to buy ingredients.

Social media use often also shows signs of your foodie status with regularly posting pictures of food on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, writing a food-related blog and having a Pinterest 'food' board were all among the top 50.

Not hesitating to complain if food is not up to scratch in a restaurant while owning a pestle and mortar or an apron feature in the list.

More than half (56%) of those polled enjoy being knowledgeable about food, including being able to tell friends and family what restaurants to visit and what meals to cook at home.

In addition, the study revealed that 71 per cent of Brits consider themselves to be a good cook, with the average adult getting the hang of cooking at the age of 25.

A roast dinner was deemed the top meal you need to be able to rustle up before being considered a good cook, followed by a three course meal, Christmas dinner, steak and a casserole.

But before getting the hang of cooking, two fifths of adults went home to their parents for a home-cooked meal, while others lived on ready meals and takeaways.

Green & Black's Taste & Colour Tour will visit the following locations throughout the course of the year.

Signs Foodie

Top 50 Signs You Are A Foodie

6. You read food magazines

47. You can use chopsticks

Top 50 Signs You Are A Foodie
Top 50 Signs You Are A Foodie
Top 50 Signs You Are A Foodie

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