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Top 50 Active Blogs With Commentluv Enabled

Posted on the 09 September 2013 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija

I have been trying to make a post on the top 100 blogs with commentluv enabled for like quite a while now but most of the popular blogs I wanted to include on my list, do not use commentluv and those that are using the commentluv before, doesn’t anymore. But that can’t stop me from providing my brilliant list of commentluv enable blogs, right?


Why do you need to comment on blogs that are commentluv enabled?

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Back-links are essential to the growth of ones blog, true or false? The more your backlinks, the more your site gets higher authority – this means, you will get more visibility in search directories and you will get additional PR by Google to your blog and lots more… But getting back-links from just any blog can either kill your blog reputation or flag your blog as a spam, right? The list of blogs I provided is all good and they have never been flagged before…


Benefits of commenting on commentluv enabled blogs:

We all know the benefits of commenting on blogs that has commentluv but for those that doesn’t, let me break it down for you

. If you comment on blogs that are commentluv enabled, it will fetch the latest post you made on your blog and show it on the blog you are making comment on. This will make the readers of that blog come to your blog to know what you have for them as well. Now you get back-links and as well as traffic “for free” to your blog with just little to no effort

Just repeating myself

It is quite funny because many great blogs I met when I started my blogging carrier, folded up along the road and many top blogs stop using the commentluv which makes my list comes down from 100 to 50

. But non-the-less we are going to make the list reach our “100 top blogs with commentluv enabled” target together
. So here are my lists…

Top 50 And More Blogs With Commentluv Enabled

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Please if you find any fault in the provided blogs, please do let me know and I will remove it immediately. So enjoy my humble list.

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Still, the list did not reach the 50 threshold? Well that’s not a problem because we are going to complete it together.

So here it goes: - Are you a regular commentator on onenaija blog and did not see your commentluv blog on the list, then please do provide your blog using the comment box below and I will include it to the list ASAP,

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Note: - If you are not a regular commentator on my blog, you can just make a comment about the above links. And please, do not submit any links here if you are not a regular commentator or that link may be deleted


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