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Top 5 Wedding Themes for 2013

By Jayshreebhagat
Celebrate your wedding in the most creative way with themed flowers, decor, food, music, drinks and more. This year has some amazing themes that top the chart.
1. Romantic English:
Top 5 wedding themes for 2013
This will simply stay in your memories for long and tickle your romance all your life.
Clothes: Choose a wedding dress with a long, billow sleeves with soft subtle color and include as many laces as you can for frilly and feminine touch. Stick to traditional veils or elegant braided headbands. Allow some sheer elements to flow in your long gowns.
Decoration: use elegant and classy English garden flower centerpieces. They should look sophisticated, carefully arranged, lush and subtle to create a beautiful aura of ambience. Use ornate charger plates with linens for your wedding table finishing with some fine English music for the romantic feel.
Food and drinks: for dinner from choose Cornish game hen, ham, and quail. For drinks menu you can use gin cocktails and traditional liqueurs. Use pretty cut-crystal glassware for serving this.
2. Glamour:
Top 5 wedding themes for 2013
You can do classic garden party receptions with some black and gold hues.
Clothes: choose the dinner party scenes from the latest movies for wedding party fashion with rich fabrics like silk and chiffon that moves fluently with the body and some embellishments to add glamour in your gown.
Decoration: You can use loads of roses and peonies. Wedding photography can be done in classic gold frames.
Food and drinks: deviled eggs, tea, sandwiches, and oysters served in the half shell.  Champagne from any era is in trends to complete the wedding menu.
3. Modern elegancy:
Top 5 wedding themes for 2013
Clothes: choose something that is well structured dresses with bateau necklines, white gloves, pouf veils and a bow accent. Pair them with bright colored heels in red, pink, green or blue for the perfect finish. Opt for designer wear to add that extra oomph!
Decoration: use mono colored floral arrangements with modern square plates. Add a lamp shades to give your table a fun look. Cake color should be vibrant to match the wedding theme color. Invitations and table designs should have bold and graphic prints.
Food and drinks: keep in mind to create a modern and fresh atmosphere. Use tasting plates that are smaller in portions for the perfect vibe. Use cocktails like sparkling hibiscus punch or ginger tea for the modern touch.
4. Homestead Elegance
Top 5 wedding themes for 2013
The “Homestead” theme is a huge hit this year for relaxation, simplicity, and rustic charm.
Dresses: keep the look very simple, romantic and natural. Hence, go for pretty lace dress with a sheer neckline, loose hairstyle and elegant buttons for the perfect sparking romantic. Grooms should use woven fabrics to complete the theme.
Decoration: Create a luxe centerpiece and with a rustic backdrop with mountain lodge, a farm or a ranch. Draping should give a polished look to the casual place. Go for rustic wedding photos and arrange a glorious ride for two around the hayfield. Honor your guests with some handmade favors. Use scented-oil lamps placed on lace holders.
Food and drinks: The food must be wholesome and easily approachable and consider unique favors. Add local beer to create fun.
5. Geek Wedding
Top 5 wedding themes for 2013
Couples keep thinking out of the box for their wedding. This time it’s a geeky theme for techies like Instagram wedding albums, QR code, and video guest books. Get ready for your Instagram wedding as it’s a modern fashion!
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