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Top 5 Ways To Pay Off Your Debt By Pennon Partners

Posted on the 03 February 2020 by Witselx9
Top 5 Ways To Pay Off Your Debt By Pennon Partners

Piling debt can be a source of serious strife. It can not only hamper your plans for the future but also erode you personally and professionally. While most people know of ways of how to take loans, very few know the strategies that can help repay them.

In this article, we talk to the good folk over at Pennon Partners, a leading financial solutions company. They help us understand debt, how it becomes a vicious cycle and what can be done to pay it off.

Top 5 ways to pay off your Debt: The List

1. Create a structured and well-intentioned plan of action-

According to Pennon Partners, most people are so overwhelmed by their debts that they fail to act with intention. The first thing to do is to acknowledge the nature of the problem and address it. If you want to repay your debt, you will.

The common mistake that people make is that they want someone to coerce them into paying up. From normal reminders, statements, calls to physical visits, unless someone knocks, people do not spring to action.

2. Ask friends and family members for help-

If you have been a good relationship with your friends and family, you should ask them for financial help. It is as straightforward as that. This will help you get interested in free loans for a defined period.

The key is, to be honest, and open up about the problems that you are facing. Rather than go to payday loans to clear your long-standing loan and be burdened with more and more interests, ask your near and dear ones for help.

3. Prioritize your multiple loans and interests-

Pennon Partners suggest that it is always a good idea to pay the loan with the highest interest first. This helps you clear out the major ones at the beginning. High-interest loans also have high default rates. It is important that people do not miss this repayment cycle.

By repaying interest rates in a timely fashion, you maintain your credit score as well as ensure that you do not end up paying too much late fees.

4. Take help from a Financial Solutions Company-

Pennon Partners points out that while the majority of such companies are out there to exploit people, there are a few who go out of their way to help their clientele. They point out their own programs wherein they understand what the clients want and offer the lowest interest rates for a monthly payment.

This eases the burden on the client and allows them to concentrate on their personal and professional lives in a better way.

5. Avoid Payday Loans from shady financial businesses-

Payday loans are never a good option if you are looking to repay your debts. The high-interest rates, frequent harassment, and questionable paperwork expose people to more dangers than benefits.

People who are looking to repay their debts should instead turn to established and credible financial solutions companies.


According to successful people, the secret to financial success is repaying debt. By having a structured and well thought out plan, debt repayment can be not as difficult as you thought it is. The key is to be disciplined enough to understand your financial situation and act accordingly.

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