Top 5 Python Programming Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Posted on the 11 July 2023 by Botreetechnologeis @botreetech

Python is a high-level programming language that is interpreted as an object-oriented language. It has built-in data structures that are combined with dynamic binding and typing. It is an easy-to-learn language that even Python beginners can learn.

However, everyone tends to make some and other mistakes. So do Python programmers. There are a few Python programming mistakes that coders tend to make. Python programmers can unconsciously make these mistakes that can break their code. It is necessary to fix them beforehand only.

But, before discussing the Python development mistakes, let's discuss its popularity.

Why is Python Language so Popular?

Python is one of the popular programming languages, with 48.07% of programmers worldwide. It is the most common programming language used after HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

Moreover, Python development services providers like BoTree Technologies use it to meet the highest quality industry standards for app development. This language has gained popularity because of the following factors:

  • Extensive GUI Application Building:
  • Supportive Community:
      Python has the largest supportive and active community if you want documentation and support. You can work with the community to outsource Python apps fast.
  • Extensive Library:
      Get amazing functionalities, modules, and libraries. Developers get cross-platform support through library-type services, which proves helpful.
  • Automated Code Scripts:
      You can build automated Python code scripts to get free from complex programming activities. It will help you focus more on important problems.
  • Used For Data Sciences And Analytics:
      Data Science is already popular among companies. To handle the advanced analytics for data sciences, programmers are switching to Python.

Despite its popularity, developers commit the most common Python programming mistakes sometimes. Let us walk you through the same.

Common Python Programming Mistakes Committed By Programmers and Their Solutions

  • Misusing the Expressions
    • You can state the optional Function argument by giving it a default value. However, this is one of the common Python mistakes done by developers. It proves to be misleading because it will misuse the expression.
    • To avoid this, you must provide a suitable value to the optional argument. The programmers will look up to default value for the 'Function argument' only once. Never mute the default value.
  • Syntax Error
    • Python has topped the 'TIOBE's index of programming language popularitym,' where in 2022, it achieved 15.42% of the market share. It has become the language after C and Java to top the list and become No.1.
    • However, programmers tend to commit mistakes. One of them is Syntax Error. It occurs because of a typo or any other programming mistake that you commit in your code. To avoid basic Python programming mistakes like this, run the code on the interpreter that will catch the error.
        You can avoid this mistake through:
        • Double checking your code for the typos
        • Reading the error message to check out the location of the error
        • A Code editor can be used to catch the Syntax error

For example:

If x=10:

print ("x is equal to 10")

Here, value 10 is assigned to variable x using the assignment operator (=) inside an "if" statement. The correct syntax for comparing the value in an 'if' statement is the comparison operator (= =).

You can fix these kinds of coding mistakes in Python like:

If x = = 10:

Print ("x is equal to 10")

  • Ignoring The Python Scoping Rules or LEGB
    • You can make common Python programming mistakes if unaware of the scoping variables approach. The most common mistakes Python developers make are when they allow accessing the variables declared inside the loop or via the if statement from outside. Programmers coming from C or C++ backgrounds may need clarification.
    • Use the LEGB rule to fix this confusion. It specifies the following order- Local > Enclosed> Global > Built-in. If a particular <name object> mapping is unavailable in the local namespaces, you must look in the enclosed scope. If the Python code does not work in the Enclosed space, it will move to the Global namespace. You must write the namespace scoping carefully to avoid any confusion.
  • Clashes of Names
    • In the Python development ecosystem, software developers get to use versatile functionalities and tools from Python. Python programming has many modules, but if the coders are not using them properly, they can commit a Name Clashing mistake. It occurs when the programmer confuses the name of one of the modules with another having a similar name.
    • It is advisable to avoid keeping the same module names in the Python library. You can request a change of name of the module by filing the PEP or Python Enhancement Proposal. Also, define all the variables and functions before using them. Always double-check the capitalization and spelling of your function and variable names. 'print' statement can be used to track the Name Error.
  • Occurrence of Index Errors
    • One of the common mistakes Python programmers make is when they want to access any item in the list or sequence that is out of range. For example, if there are 4 items in a list and you try to find 5 items, it will give the Index error. With programming experiences over the years, you can also fix one of these common Python errors.
    • Always make sure to use the right Index value. You can use "exception handling like 'try' and 'except' blocks" to handle this error rightly. Along with this, the Python built-in function like 'len' can be used to determine the length of your sequence to access the items in the list.

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