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Top 5 of the Best Roulette Tips and Tricks

Posted on the 02 August 2017 by Sallysummers @RCW_Blog

Play roulette for real moneyWith our roulette tips and tricks, you can play roulette safely and successfully.

Our Top 5 Roulette Tips and Tricks:

  • Play French Roulette
  • Develop your own roulette strategy
  • Use Roulette for free on the Internet
  • Play in online casinos with high limits
  • Play with bonuses

In general, it is, of course, the case that every experienced roulette player has his own strategy, nevertheless, some simple roulette tricks can be held which every player should consider. This is why we have compiled a top 5 of the best roulette tips and tricks here. For all new entrants, who have perhaps never played roulette yet, but would like to try it out, ask us frequently if there are any tricks or what our personal roulette tips for beginners.

Best roulette tips

Play French Roulette

In most casinos, there are French and American roulette to choose from. In this case, you should always choose French Roulette. Why is that? Quite simply: While the American roulette has two zeros, it is only one in French. This makes the winning chances for you as a player higher. In American roulette, on the other hand, the bank has the advantage of the second zero. If you find European or European roulette in the offer of a casino, do not let confuse you. These variations are nothing more than French Roulette.

Of course, there are also for American Roulette tricks, yet your odds are here by the double zero much lower. Most American roulette tricks can also be used very well in the French roulette and can be combined here sometimes even with other roulette tactics tricks.

The few American roulette tricks that do not work with French roulette are based on the double zero. Even if the profit chances are statistically lower, of course, American roulette tricks have their very special appeal. If you would like to play with roulette, which you can only use with the American version, we recommend you try it with a game money. So you can also get to know the American Roulette tricks and possibly use them successfully without risking a financial loss.

In many casinos (also online) is played with the La Partage rule, with which one loses only half of its stake if the ball remains on the zero. A rule that is independent of the roulette version you are playing, but also an advantage for you.

Develop your own roulette strategy

As mentioned above, experienced gamblers will develop their own strategy from all sorts of roulette tips and tricks and their player experiences. The most popular roulette strategy is the Martingale. In this case, you will be betting on simple odds (red / black, pair / impair, manque / yoke) and will double your bet after each loss in order to compensate for it by winning again. Although this system is very popular, it mostly fails at the limit at the roulette table, which must not be exceeded. Nevertheless, we recommend that you try this system once (with low stakes or money) – just to get familiar with it and learn how to systematically play roulette.

A roulette system, which is also relatively simple and therefore suitable for beginners, is the Paroli system. This strategy is similar to the roulette Martingale in a way, you simply play it reversed. You do not increase your bet now after each loss, but instead after every win. You decide in advance for a bet you are playing, and as soon as you are successful, you will be supplemented with the sum won.

Now you already know two game strategies, according to which you can start your first rounds as a beginner. There are of course many other variants and tricks, which you can consider in the roulette. Even highly complex mathematical (example: 3-sigma rule) considerations are relevant here. We would like to give you an overview of the most important rules and systems. So feel invited to deepen your knowledge of the world’s most famous gambling game.

Use Roulette free of charge on the Internet

Before you lose a lot of money, we recommend you not to play for real money. This is not, of course, in a real casino, but only online – best in one of the trustworthy casinos that we present on our site. You can play roulette in your browser at any time, fast and free of charge. In addition, they give you the opportunity to test whether the roulette trick you want to try.

As a rule, you start with free versions in the online casino with a certain amount of money, which is reset with each restart to the initial sum. So you can test and try as long as you need. Restrictions, which change the playing fun, you need not fear in the free play. Only real profits are – logically – so not in it.

Play in online casinos with high limits

For more experienced roulette players we have the following roulette tips: If you play with a strategy (eg martingale) that could be easily destroyed by a too small limit of the casino, you should instead play in casinos with high limits. We can recommend the Gaming Club Casino, for example, whose table limit is € 5,000 and is already one of the best online casinos for roulette.

It would be a pity if you would inform yourself about the many different strategies and then you could not even use them meaningfully. Do not forget to inform yourself about the limits of the individual suppliers. But do not worry: there are some brands that you can use as a roulette tricks online casino.

Where To PlayBonusVisit

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Play with bonuses

It is unbelievable how many players still do not know that you can get bonuses at online casinos! For example, If you are not already registered in the Jackpot City Casino, then you will definitely receive the € 15 bonus when you contact Jackpot City Casino after your registration and request the bonus. This is by no means the end of the flagpole at the Jackpot City Casino. You can also secure a 100% bonus on the first deposit, which will give you up to 1000 € of special credits.

Our roulette tips for online gamblers in terms of bonus: Take all the actions you can get and learn to use them right! Often you can play with the bonus offerings without paying your own money – and you should take advantage of that! Of course, certain conditions are always part of the bonuses, which is why you should never forget them. Information is not only for the roulette rules but also for bonuses.

Not every casino bonus is valid for roulette

Cash money is especially worth the online roulette tips where you can get extra money from the operator of the casino. Here you do not have to beat the odds calculation, which is not possible even with the best tips for roulette in the long run, but you can easily get an extra credit with which you can play at the tables. The more money you have to play, the more money you can pay off in the end.

However, you have to be careful when choosing the right online casino so that you can also implement our tips for roulette with the bonus credits. With many offerers, the bonus credit can be used unfortunately only at the play machines, which is naturally very annoying for the roulette players.

One of the best bonus offers for roulette players is the Spin Palace Casino: Here is even mentioned once again that the bonus also applies to the roulette tables. If you would like to play roulette with professional tips and still want to receive free credits, the Spin Palace Casino is the right address for you. By the way, you can also train with free money, until you have mastered the chosen tactic perfectly.

Are roulette tricks illegal?

Gamblers who use roulette tips and tricks to increase their chances of winning are often told that their roulette tricks would be illegal and would be punishable if they were to use such tips for roulette and even give them away. Can you legally play roulette with some good tips, or are you risking that you are referred to the casino?

Fortunately, very few roulette tricks are illegal. With none of the roulette tricks described here, you will get a problem because they are all known to the casinos and are tolerated by them. So when you use roulette games and tricks and systematically build up your game, this is your right.

Of course, in the past, there have always been players who have tried to win more money with certain roulette tricks. These are really manipulative attempts to make the casino easier for money. Thus, for example, attempts were made to manipulate the boiler or to work with the croupier. That roulette tricks are illegal, of course. Our roulette tricks 2017, on the other hand, can be used without any reservations at the casino or online. Maybe you want to develop your very own roulette tactics tricks. In the Ruby Fortune Casino, you can play for free and thus develop and refine your very own online roulette tips and tricks, without having to risk your own money.


We hope we could help you with our roulette tricks and give you a first insight into the big world of gambling. We would also be happy if you try our roulette tips once in our recommended casinos. Perhaps you will be able to double your profits with the roulette tricks or at least increase.

Ruby Fortune Casino
Otherwise, we have already pointed out in the upper part of this text already on the other offers, which we have in the area of roulette to offer. So look around in peace and inform yourself about the points of the game where you still have to catch up.

It is always good to get tips from experienced players when playing roulette. We, therefore, hope that you can help our offer and keep your fingers crossed that you too soon to the roulette winners.

Good luck with our roulette tips and tricks!

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