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Top 5 Michael Kelly Roles

By Newguy

Michael Kelly has 53 credits to his name on IMDB, these have started with small roles and slowly grown over the years into make Michael a very credible supporting member of any cast. Today I will look at my favorite performance of his growing career.

5. Agent Fuller – Now You See Me (2013)


One of the supporting Agents trying to stop the magicians and their crimes.

4. Bray – Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

Bray is one man who knows what Clyde is really capable of, his character offers Nick a chance to see what he is up against and provides a information filling role.

3. Mark Snow – Person of Interest (TV)


Mark Snow is an FBI agent trying to track down John, but he doesn’t count on meeting his old partner who uses him to do her deeds.

2. CJ – Dawn Of The Dead (2004)


CJ is the head of security at the mall, he treats the survivors like prisoners, before losing control and becoming part of the team and making a sacrifice to save the others.

1. Charlie Traynor – Adjustment Bureau (2011)


Charlie is the campaign manager for David Norris (Matt Damon), he believes he is controlling the fate of him but it really is up to the people in the hats who control every meeting and moment of David’s life. Charlie shows to be a brilliant spin doctor and friend to David.

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