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Top 5 James Wan Directed Films

By Newguy

James Wan is a Malaysian born director who has made a huge impact on the horror genre, he was behind 3 of the best rated horror films in the last 10 years. This has led him to get the directing job on the new Fast and Furious film out in April and he will be returning for The Conjuring Sequel. Today I am going to be looking at my top 5 favorite directed films and might I just say how hard this actually is. I have not seen Stygian so sadly that won’t be included.

5. Death Sentence (2007)


This was the first time James went into action and with Kevin Bacon showing how James was getting bigger name into his films. This is a revenge thriller that is very solid to watch but could easily be the most forgettable of all of Wan’s films.

4. Dead Silence (2007)


It is hard to say this is his least best horror film because it really is a good horror film that didn’t get the praise it should have got. The film follows Jamie as he tries to figure out what happened to his wife, which leads to the story of a ghost of a murdered ventriloquist.

3. Saw (2004)


It is hard to think that this title almost went straight to DVD and started a mega franchise that Wan only directed the first and easily the best of the series. The story follows serial killer Jigsaw who puts people he believes to be wasting their lives through torturous tests to prove they want to live and we follow two men trapped in a room trying to figure out why they have been picked. Also it happens to have one of the most shocking twist endings in recent horror film history.

2. Insidious (2010)


Insidious slips into number two mainly because of the final demon reveal, everything else about this film is brilliant horror with jump scares left right and center. I personally found the creep walking outside and turning up in the room the scariest scene in the movie. There are people out there who dislike this film because of the end but the build-up is simple great.

1. The Conjuring (2013)


The Conjuring is a film that got rave reviews when it came out and it follows the stories of real paranormal investigators the Warrens. We watch how one family is being haunted and we see the Warren’s figure out how to stop it. The film is due a sequel and got a spin off which was panned. The film is filled with scares and some of the better ones, the ones you don’t see coming.

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