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Top 5 Influences: Other Creatures

Posted on the 06 December 2017 by Spectralnights

Dublin indie-pop trio Other Creatures will be releasing ‘The First EP’ in January and the band have already gained praise and acclaim from so many blogs and music lovers from both their native country and here in Britain. In this piece, frontman Konrad Timon talks us through five songs that have helped to shape their appealing and addictive sound:

Pixies – ‘I Bleed’

This song essentially taught me how to sing, it sounds like he turns his voice on in the second verse and I thought well maybe I can do that. I always loved how dark the lyrics to some Pixies songs can be while still be kind of lighthearted. They really are just a big influence and probably one of my favorite bands of all time.

Radiohead – ‘Motion Picture Soundtrack’

This is just one of the most beautiful songs ever. I love the subtle little bits in it that make it so moving like the choir and the harp. I rarely listen to it only once if it comes on.

Elliott Smith – ‘Christian Brothers’

Elliott Smith is a huge influence so its hard to pick one song but Christian Brothers was an early favorite. There’s so much to learn from him in terms of chords and chord progressions also he totally did his own thing and just made the music he naturally made rather than let what is cool at the time influence him.

(Sandy) Alex G – ‘Sorry’

More of a recent influence but Alex G is such a naturally amazing songwriter. He very much inspired me to learn how to use recording software and to be able to record and mix our own music at home.

The Beatles – ‘A Day in the Life’

It encapsulates what the band were all about and it was one of the first songs I learned how to play.

Listen to Other Creatures’ ‘Luxembourg’ on Soundcloud:

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Top 5 Influences: Other Creatures
Top 5 Influences: Other Creatures
Top 5 Influences: Other Creatures
Top 5 Influences: Other Creatures

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