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Top 5 Favourite X-Men Characters

By Newguy

X-Men Characters have become some of the most popular alternative comic character to go against the Marvel Cinematic Universe or DC Universe, the franchise has been running since 2000 and could be considered one of the best around. I am going to be picking my favorite 5 characters from the series with the exception of Professor X and Magneto because I want to pick their soldiers rather than the men leading either side. I am also leaving out Deadpool because he has only touched the outside of the franchise. I will also point out I have NO knowledge of the source material so if they are written different I am only judging the films.

5. Remy LeBeau – Gambit – X-Men Origins: Wolverine


Gambit only makes a slight cameo like performance in this film showing how quick handed he is, he adds mystery to a character I had never seen before and want to learn more from with an upcoming movie we may learn the answer. I am also aware that a lot of people didn’t like this character.

4. Wolverine


Everyone know this character and Hugh Jackman has truly made this character the icon of the franchise making an appearance in every single film being a major part in all bar one.

3. Beast


Beast first arrived in The Last Stand where we get to see how he has followed a political career fighting for mutant rights, this shows that we have brains, bravery and most of all can handle himself in a fight when needed. I do also like the younger version of Beast, I think both versions are underrated and just waiting to fully be unleashed in the future films.

2. Nightcrawler


Nightcrawler was involved in what could easily be considered the best action sequence in any X-Men movie with the warning to the President. His powers are teleportation but it is the look of the character which looks so cool, Alan Cumming gives this character a full feel for his predicament unlike most of the characters in the franchise.

1.   Quicksilver


Quicksilver from Days of Futures Past steals the whole film and is only on the screen for the matter of moments, I hope this character is even bought on to the next level with the latest film.

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