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Top 5 Best SMF Mods You Should Use On Your Forum

Posted on the 13 December 2013 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija

I just added a forum to my collection and I must confess to you guys that as far as progress is concern, it is going well and smoothly :) . Well I am using a free platform called SMF (Simple Machine Forum) – it is a popular forum platform.


The main reason I choose SMF, is because they have enough mods like wordpress has “plugins” and also their technicians are ready to answer any questions thrown to them


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Why I created the forum? I created the forum because I still have so many topics I want to talk about and I just don’t want to create dozens of niche sites for it.

Well, how I created a forum is not why I am publishing this post today. A friend of mine is creating a forum as well using the SMF platform and he asked me to recommend some of the best mods he can use… so on my today’s post, I will be talking about five must have mods for a new and existing SMF forum.

Top 5 Best SMF Mods You Should Use On Your Forum

So without wasting much of our time, let’s start with the number one on our list…

Anti Bot: Are You Human/Bot?

Playing smart can be a good idea but only if you play it tight and smooth…


What the “Anti Bot: Are You Human/Bot?” does is – it asks you a simple question upon registration, if you can get it right your registration will be successful. But the thing is, some spammers are getting smarter by the day so adding the next mod is the next smart thing.

Akismet Spam Blocking:

We all hate spammers, right?  A spammer can destroy the reputation of any blog, site or forum. A spam infested blog or forum is not a best idea to post your blog link for traffic or you might get penalized by the big Gs.

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Now what Akismet spam blocking does is – it prevents spammers from making post on your forum. Believe it or not, it is working 100% and has been helping me combat spam posts.

FB & Twitter sharer Mod 2.0:

As the new saying goes – “there is love in sharing”. The only way your post can be shared on all social networks is if you add a share button, right? If you have a blog or a forum and you don’t have a share button, your content will be hardly shared (fact).

What the FB & Twitter sharer Mod 2.0 does is – it simply provides you with a Twitter and Facebook share button below your post for your readers to share your post if they find it interesting.

Share This Topic:

Who doesn’t want their post to be shared to even more social networks?

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If you want to add more sharing options for your forum readers then the Share This Topic mod is indeed a good choice for you. It comes with addthis option and even more choice for your best sharing experience


Ad mod:

After putting hard work in creating your forum, it is good to make money at least to help with the cost, right?

What the Ad mod does is it gives you the chance to place ads below and above your forum. And it also helps place ads on your sidebar and in post. Sound awesome, right?


The above mods are my recommendation to any new forum users and even existing ones. And I do hope you enjoyed the little top 5…

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