Top 5 Best Amazon Repricer Tools

Posted on the 06 May 2019 by Mergertechcapital

1) RepricerExpress Amazon Repricing Software:

Repricer Express works on 11 distinctive Amazon marketplaces. It gives a plenty of tools to help Amazon dealers to think of customized pricing plans by setting up their own rules and allocating maximum and minimum price of every listing. The best thing about Repricer Express is that it gives total freedom to dealers to play with their listing. They can make and create as many instructions as they need and afterward, applied to either group of product or individual items.

There is a free trial period of 15 days. The feature of this tool is that it helps in repricing the products and you can also check your product’s price and position against other sellers.

Price= 1) £39 per month for listing of 2,500

2) £49 per month for listing of 5,000

3) £69 per month for listing of 10,000

4) £99 per month for listing of 25,000

5) £169 per month for listing of 50,000

2) BQool: Amazon Repricer

Bqool is another Amazon repricer device that is available for Amazon merchants in the US, CA, UK, FR, ES, IT, DE, MX, and JP. Clients can construct their exclusive repricing strategies by defining which opponents to reprice against. This will rely upon the competitor’s ratings, satisfaction strategy, and status or item condition. With their costly arrangement, you will most likely reprice the costs of 10,000 listings at a top-speed of 5 minutes.

There is a trial period of 14 days.

Price= 1) $25 per month of a 15-minute repricing speed for 1000 listings

2) $50 per month of a 15-minute repricing speed for 5000 listings

3) $75 per month of a 15-minute repricing speed for 7500 listings

4) $100 per month of a 5-minute repricing speed for 10000 listings.

3) Amazon Repricer for Online Sellers | xSellco is another Amazon repricer tool which is formerly known as xSellco. It helps in generating more sales and it uses AWS (Amazon web service). This tool immediately reacts when your competitor reprices or run out of stock and it helps you to win Buy Box for the optimal price.

There is a trial period of 14 days.

Price= 1) Basic plan: $69 per month for 2,500 SKUs

2) Plus plan: $229 per month for 50,000 SKUs

3) Ultimate plan: $379 per month for unlimited SKUs

 4) Top Amazon Repricer (formerly Appeagle): is a software package that incorporates a constant repricing instrument and other algorithms which is designed not only to help Amazon dealers to win the Buy Box yet in addition to guarantee that they remain there. A merchant can characterize which competitors they want to compete and set their repricing rule to coordinate and outrank them. It makes it simple for merchants to monitor all the things that they need to in terms of selling.

It also comes with a free trial of 14 days.

Price= Monthly Billing:

1) Starter plan: $79 per month

2) Growth plan: $149 per month

3) Professional plan: $299 per month

Annual Billing:

1) Starter plan: $59 per month

2) Growth plan: $119 per month

3) Professional plan: $239 per month

5) Amazon Repricer | Feedvisor:

Feedvisor is yet another great Amazon repricer tool that help merchants to increase their net revenues with ease. With their progressed repricer algorithm, you will probably win the Buy Box at an ideal price for each particular item. It is powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), this repricer accomplishes beyond what you could expect from an instrument or a tool. It considers components like merchant performance, competition, and your key focuses so as to conclude the right price for your items while adjusting to your inventories in real time. There is no free trial period.


1) Professional: It includes velocity target pricing and Amazon business pricing

2) Premium: it includes liquidation pricing, Amazon business pricing, etc.

3) Enterprise: it includes liquidation pricing, multi-channel pricing, velocity target pricing, etc.


So these are some Amazon repricer tools that we have discussed in this article that helps dealers and sellers to stay competitive in the market. Sellers can use these repricer tools that will help them in listing their products and items at the prices lower with those of the competitors and can generate more revenues.

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