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Top 5 Asheville Confessions of the Week

Posted on the 15 March 2013 by Citizenthymes @citizenthymes

We asked you Asheville what you would like to confess to 100% anonymously over on our Asheville Confessions page. Here are the top 5 confessions from the last week:

1. Whenever I see my ex-boyfriend’s business cards in a public place, I take them all and throw them away. I put mine in their place. #avlconfessions


2. Before I go hiking, I stretch in the parking lot while I smoke a cigarette. I’m usually stoned, too. #avlconfessions


3. Gay Southern accents are like queer squared! I’ve lived all my life in the San Francisco Bay Area, and a lot of my friends are gay, but a queer, gay southern accent is the most fantastically gay thing I have ever heard. #avlconfessions


4. I don’t like any of the Local Brews, give me a bud light any day. #avlconfessions


5. I bought a cast iron skillet a year ago and still haven’t used it. I’m turning in my southern card #avlconfessions


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