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Top 4 Iconic Movie Sunglasses Worn By Leading Men

Posted on the 24 May 2024 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7

Sunglasses have long been a popular movie accessory. They can flesh out characters, help add depth to the story, and add a touch of style to any look. They can also encourage conversations, asking audiences to dig deeper into the character or the themes. For instance, in the recently released Civil War, actor Jesse Plemons dons a pair of bright red sunglasses that stick out against his military fatigues. They capture the viewer’s attention but add to his menace, making them question their presence. He’s one of the more recent examples of how shades play a role in the film, but many other actors before him have also brought some legendary frames to the silver screen. Here are some iconic movie sunglasses worn by leading men: 

Tom Cruise in Top Gun

Top 4 Iconic Movie Sunglasses Worn By Leading Men

Credit: @gq on Instagram

Tom Cruise has donned many famous frames throughout his career, but his role as Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell in Top Gun gave one of the most recognisable and revolutionary sunglasses moments in cinema. The Ray-Ban sunglasses he wore became synonymous with cool and rebellious style. The Aviator model was originally designed for pilots to prevent eye strain and damage from UV rays and glare. They also had a unique construction due to the thinness of the frame that allowed them to be worn comfortably under helmets or headgear. While its use in the film was more for practicality than fashion, that didn’t stop the frames from becoming one of the brand’s most popular models thanks to Top Gun’s cultural impact. Its timelessness and quality have made it a symbol of style and luxury today, as well as other models from the brand like the Wayfarer and Clubmaster.

Brad Pitt in Fight Club

Top 4 Iconic Movie Sunglasses Worn By Leading Men

Credit: @fightclubpoint on Instagram

Sunglasses are often associated with elegance and sophistication, but Brad Pitt’s character in Fight Club gives them a flamboyant approach. Tyler Durden is the epitome of edgy masculinity, and his flashy outfits match his cunning and dangerous charisma. His bug-eyed red sunglasses in the film are equally flashy as his iconic red leather jacket and patterned tops, but the silver lenses give it a futuristic edge fit for a movie release around the turn of the century. These rare shades are the Oliver Peoples 523 model, which was re-released in 2009 with limited units. It’s now considered a coveted collector’s item, but before you scour the web and try to fight to find your own pair, it might help to take a look at some of the top Fight Club quotes for a cautionary reminder: “The things you own end up owning you.” 

Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair

Top 4 Iconic Movie Sunglasses Worn By Leading Men

Credit: @t.beggtailoring on Instagram

Though The Thomas Crown Affair was released nearly 60 years ago, Steve McQueen’s refined style is still the talk of the town. His legendary Persol sunglasses, in particular, have left a lasting mark on men’s fashion. The Persol 714 model worn in the film is eye-catching and sophisticated, and it is a good fit for the dashing millionaire Thomas Crown. The unique keyhole bridge and the coloured lenses add an extra touch of classiness. The model has since then become a Persol staple, thanks to Steve McQueen. Today, there are a wide variety of versions of these shades popularised by the ‘King of Cool’, and newer models have also been inspired by the design. The brand released a lineup of folding frames featuring acetate and metal, taking the popular look of the 714s and combining it with modern innovation. 

Keanu Reeves in The Matrix

Top 4 Iconic Movie Sunglasses Worn By Leading Men

Credit: @hidden.ny on Instagram]The sunglasses in The Matrix serve a crucial role in the movie’s themes, serving as an allegory for seeing the truth and defying the simulation. However, they’ve also become a huge trend outside of the film and a key element for channelling the movie’s fashion. Aside from long black coats and vinyl apparel, Keanu Reeve’s narrow, alien-like sunglasses are one of the most notable pieces of Matrix fashion, and even those who haven’t watched the films can associate similar styles with his character, Neo. These shades, and the rest of the cast’s sunglasses, were custom-made by Richard Walker of Blinde Design Project. They helped curate a futuristic vibe for the film, but now they’ve become a nostalgic piece.

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