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Top 3 Male Behaviors Decoded

By Shaybanks @dnceluv

Consider this an addition to the other weird male behaviors I’ve talked about already. You can find them here and here.

 Now on to examine 3 behaviors that makes no sense upon first glance.

Doesn’t Call When He Says He Will

This is one of those heat-of-the-moment things. When he said it, he probably really intended to call you. But….things happened and he forgot. The problem isn’t that he didn’t call when he said he would, the real problem is…did he call at all? If he said he’d call at 6 and didn’t call until 7, I’d say no biggie. But, if he didn’t call or has a habit of calling after you’ve gone to bed, then he’s showing you that you’re not important to him.

So…should stay with him or walk away? It’s up to you.

He’s Stalling On Taking the Relationship to the Next Level

This is tricky. This is one of those time frame things. If you’re less than 6 months into the relationship, I say slow it down girlie. Men move at a slower pace than women, so slow down your pace.

If it’s between 6 months to a year (God forbid it’s been OVER a year), it’s time to lay down the law. I’m gonna give concrete ways to do that in my newsletter this week, so make sure you sign up so you can get the exact phrases you need to say.

He Convinces You to Have Sex too Early, Then “Punishes” You for It

We’ve all experienced this. A guy we really like, where the chemistry is so high you swear you did some hardcore drugs. So high that we…well give it up on the first or second date. Then he goes Casper on you and he doesn’t respond to you anymore! It feels like he’s punishing you for doing what he wanted.

It’s frustrating, right? Let’s take a little bit of a deeper look into this.
Have you ever lost weight before? Not like 5 pounds, but like 20-50 pounds? It’s fucking hard as hell. You develop a program that works for you and your lifestyle. And even when you don’t see results immediately, you keep at it because you know that eventually, those pounds will frickin’ drop. Once that glorious day has come—you can fit into those skinny jeans or skimpy dress—you make staying thin a priority. Happy hour? Nah, not tonight, gotta go to Zumba. Got a long day at the office? You plan in advance whether you’re going to get up early and workout or if you’re going to tough it out and watch every morsel that goes into your mouth.

You wouldn’t pay attention to these things if all you had to do was take a pill and BAM the weight was gone. In fact, you’d go on a full out eating frenzy every other day because you would know that all you needed to lose your weight was a take a pill. You wouldn’t work out and you’d probably forget to eat your fruits and veggies. You’d be thinner sure, but your health would suck ass so there would be no real long term value in it.

He’s Really Testing Your Standards, Not How Good You Give a B.J.

A woman’s journey of successfully losing weight and maintaining it is how a man views sex. Sure, he wants sex and if he doesn’t really have to invest himself to get it, he’ll take it. But he won’t value it. It’s not really personal. He just likes to work for it a little bit. He may try his damndest to convince you to do it early, but what he’s really testing are your standards.

He wants you to say no. He wants to feel special. He wants to feel like he beat out hordes of guys to be the special one to get in between your thighs. Once he’s worked to get it, he’ll bend over backwards to keep it so that no one else can have it.

Got it?

What other puzzling male behaviors have you encountered?

P.S. I’m gonna give exact ways to handle these 3 behaviors in the newsletter this week. Subscribe below.

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