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Top 3 Best Web Hosting for WordPress 2017

Posted on the 10 September 2017 by David Mark @fastwaystoearn
Are you looking to create your first website or blog with WordPress? As the most powerful website platform on the planet. WordPress is allowed millions of ordinary people to create amazing websites with zero coding required.
Best Web Hosting

If you are looking to get started, you'll need a web host in order to install WordPress and in this article, I will review the top Best web hosting for Wordpress beginners. After hands on testing and comparing, we have determined these popular web hosts are perfect for beginners looking to get started with WordPress in a matter of minute.

Today I have a comparing article that would be recommending the top 3 web hosting for WordPress beginners

For those new to WordPress or unfamiliar with web hosting, am going to explain what a web host does and why you need one.

By now you probably heard that WordPress is a powerful content management system used by top bloggers and big website, here on, I stand behind WordPress has the best blogging platform in the world.

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How to Get Started With Wordpress:

You need a 3 thing to get a WordPress site and running, and these 3 things were

1. Domain URL (ex.

2.  A Web Host -  Which Allows you to install Wordpress and store your information live on the internet by renting a space under web servers ( "host" your website online)

3. Wordpress - A manual installation on the WordPress platform, download it from

You have to get all 3 of this things and connect them all together manually which would be a headache for most people with no web developing experience.

Today when you sign up for any of these recommended web hosts, you would get all 3 bundles together, Webhost = Domain + Web host + Wordpress.

So which 3 Web Host do I recommend,

1. HostGator

2. Bluehost

3. SiteGround

With each of this web host, you would able to sign up and build WordPress website from scratch in just a minute.

Now we are going to compare performance by running a website speed test to see who is the fastest on a basic shared server plan. 

The way we conduct this test is by using a tool by the company, which perform a website speed test base on performance, optimizations, and low time.

Here are the result

Top 3 Best Web Hosting for WordPress 2017

As you can see each host score the same performing grade of 88, now the difference is a low time. So for performance, siteground pass the competition with Bluehost coming in second and Hostgator 3rd.

Now that will know the performing number

Next, we're going to comparing pricing, both normal and on sale, to see which web host is actually the most expensive, whether on sale or during regular pricing

All plans we are looking at will be the most basic shared server plan

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2. Bluehost Discount page
3. SiteGround No-Discount for Now
Top 3 Best Web Hosting for WordPress 2017

For Hostgator 

* Regular: pricing with (No Discount) start at $8.95/mo 

* Sale: (3 year rate) $3.95/mo
* Sale: (1-year rate) $5.95/mo
* Domain: $12.95. Hostgator do not offer a free domain registration, so that is additional $12.95 to your total cost.

For Bluehost

* Regular: pricing with (No Discount) start at $7.99/mo 

* Sale: (3 year rate) $3.95/mo
* Sale: (1-year rate) $5.95/mo
* Domain: FREE! The difference is that Bluehost include a domain name for free with your signup, about $12 value.

For SiteGround

* Regular: pricing with (No Discount) start at $9.95/mo, is the most expensive out of the three, but you also get the fastest performance.

* Sale: (3 year rate) $3.95/mo
* Sale: (1 year rate) $3.95/mo
* Domain: FREE! You will also get a free domain name just like Bluehost.

Make sure to visit the Resource Page below to access the lowest prices and BEST discounts available. Update daily!

1. HostGator Discount page
2. Bluehost Discount page
3. SiteGround No-Discount for Now


Now, it's time to finally rank our Top 3 web hosts individually by discussing the Feature/Benefits, Performance, and Pricing we just went over.
Web Hosting for WordPress

> Coming in the 3rd place is HostGator, which came in last in performance but ended up with the high cost after discount. It's important to remember that HostGator site still loaded faster than 74% of the tested site, which is not slow by any means.

This may seem like disappoint for niches, but remember, we are looking at the top 3 web host for WordPress overall. So Hostgator it still a better choice than 100 of web host out there.

3rd Place: Hostgator

Benefits Of Hostgator include:

+ Award-winning tech support and server reliability with 99.9% uptime guarantee. This basically means that over the cost of the 1-year, your website may only be down for less than 9 hours total, out of the entire year.

That is the major key for a lot of people and one of the reasons Hostgator is up here with the best.

+ WordPress 1-click Install

This's one of the most important features for Wordpress beginners, as they allow you to install the WordPress platform on to your domain in just a minute after signing up.

If you are a beginner, this is a most have featured at it save you the headache of having to install WordPress yourself. 

+ 45-day Money-back Guarantee! (Longer than either Bluehost/SiteGround)

2nd Place: Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the most recognizable companies in the web hosting market. Chance are that the popular blog you like ruins on either of this web host. Bluehost continues to grow year after year and it a fan favorite for a newbie blogger.

Here are some of the Benefit for beginners looking to use Bluehost

+ Free Domain for the first year

+ #1 Recommended web host by Wordpress

+ Most popular choice for Wordpress users, powering over 2 million websites

+ Wordpress 1-click Install

+ 30-day money-back guaranty!

1st Place: SiteGround

Siteground may not be that popular as the other two, but it's one of the most web hosts for WordPress users specificity. It also an official recommended web host on the WordPress website as you can see below.

Top 3 Best Web Hosting for WordPress 2017

In recent year siteground has rapidly gained a huge and loyal following, not to mention fantastic performance and reliability for the money.

Here are some of the Benefit for beginners looking to use SiteGround

+ Official WordPress-recommended web host

+ Free Domain for the first year, just like Bluehost

+ Wordpress 1-click install

+ 30-day money-back guarantee!

That is the top web hosting for beginner, honestly, you can't go wrong with either of these top 3 peaks, so the most important thing is to just get started

Once again, if you want to get access to special and DISCOUNT pricing, click the link below, which will take you to the resource page with all the available web hosting DISCOUNT

1. HostGator Discount page

2. Bluehost Discount page
3. SiteGround No-Discount for Now

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