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Top 25 – Female Performances in 2018

Posted on the 05 January 2019 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7

Something very positive from 2018 was how many fantastic roles in film we had for women, this list was extremely difficult to put together this year as I certainly had a lot to choose from! That can obviously only be a very good thing in my opinion.

Here are the 25 performances that made it onto my list . . .

16. Claire Foy - Unsane ( Review)

Top 25 – Female Performances in 2018

I truly outstanding performance from Foy as a woman who is losing her mind and placed in a mental institute when she admits to suicidal thoughts after being stalked. But is her stalker actually working there?

9. Sally Hawkins - The Shape of Water ( Review)

Top 25 – Female Performances in 2018

Playing a mute character must be a tough ask for any actor, but Hawkins totally nails it in this film and makes it such a watch from start to finish. This was my film of the year and Hawkins plays a huge part in why.

What female performances were your favourite in 2018?

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