Top 10 Worst Presidents of America of All Time

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Your search for the worst president of the United States ends here. Follow this list of the top 10 worst presidents of America of all time.

The United States of America is one of the most powerful countries in the world since the beginning. The United States has produced several world leader presidents who have led the country at the top in all the domains such as Entrepreneurship, Entertainment, Sports, Science, and Technology. We also can’t deny the fact that some of the Presidents of America have not delivered better outcomes for the country. They have been regarded as the Worst Presidents of the USA. We are shortlisting here such top 10 America’s Worst Presidents of all time. Let’s run down the list and tell us who is the worst and best president of America according to you.

Top 10 Worst Presidents of America of All Time

  1. Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover- Top 10 Worst Presidents of America of All Time

Herbert Clark Hoover was an engineer and American politician. He served as the 31st president of the United States for two consecutive years, 1929-1933. Besides the American president, he was the director of the Food Administration and commerce secretary of the States, along with the leading Relief Commission in Belgium. Although critics, historians, and political scholars regard Herbert as among the worst president but maintained a good reputation for being a compassionate person and a public bureaucrat. He is said to be the first president of the White House to have a telephone on the office desk. He was married to Lou Henry and had a son Herbert Jr. Allan.

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  1. William Henry Harrison

William Henry Harrison- Top 10 Worst Presidents of America of All Time

William Henry Harrison was an American politician, military officer, and the 9th serving president of America. Before Henry’s political career, he was part of the victorious Battle of Fallen Timbers, leader of military force in the Battle of Tippecanoe and the Battle of Thames. Harrison commenced his political stint as Northwest Territory Secretary, later serving in prominent posts such as governor, Senate, and presidency. He was then the oldest person to become a president at 68 and the first to breathe his last in office. Due to his shortest serving tenure of 31 days, Henry is regarded among the worst presidents of America and absent from the best ranking of presidents. Harrison married Anna Symmes, and they had ten children.

  1. John Tyler

John Tyler- Top 10 Worst Presidents of America of All Time

John Tyler was the 10th president of the United States for the period 1841-1845. Earlier he was the Vice president and become president just after the death of President William Henry Harrison in 1941. When we quote the worst presidents of America, he comes among the top 10. He was a robust follower and states rights activist and aimed to secure state powers.

John as a president, was stern constructionist vetoing bills of the party and creating a national bank along with raising the tax charges, which resulted in rubbing the party in the wrong. As John suddenly rose to the presidency, the Whig political party excluded him overriding Tyler’s veto. Though, before leaving the office, John offered Texas statehood eyeing the economic advantages. In 1861 Tyler joined Confederation while initially supporting Peace Conference, later being a member and supervisor of the Secession Convention upon Virginia’s success. He married Julia Gardiner after the death of his first wife, Letitia Christian, and had 15 children.

  1. Millard Fillmore

Millard Fillmore- Top 10 Worst Presidents of America of All Time

Millard Fillmore gets the 7th spot among the worst presidents of America of all time. He was the 13th serving president of America. Also, he was the last president without affiliation with the Republican or Democratic Party. He was a vice-president but, due to Zachary Taylor’s death, went on to be the president in just 02 years of the vice-presidency.

Millard was a prominent politician and attorney prior to joining the Whig party as a member of the New York Assembly and House of Representatives. During his career, opposed slavery but, on gaining presidentship, enforced the Fugitive Slave Act smashing his and Whig Party’s popularity. Later Whig Party was disbanded, with many joining The Know Nothings while Millard was still serving as president.

  1. Zachary Taylor

Zachary Taylor- Top 10 Worst Presidents of America of All Time

Zachary Taylor was a military officer before becoming the 12th serving president of the United States. This national hero could win the election without much political exposure due to his tremendous victories in American-Mexican War. He was the first person to be a president sans any political service upon being persuaded by the Whig party. He was concerned about the slavery issue but failed to leave a strong impact owing to his short tenure of 16 months before his death. Zachary is now often remembered as a forgettable president rather than failed one by scholars and historians. He was married to Margaret Smith and had 06 six children together.

  1. Franklin Pierce

Franklin Pierce- Top 10 Worst Presidents of America of All Time

Franklin Pierce was a politician, lawyer, and 14th President of America. He was a successful lawyer and gained recognition by being appointed as an attorney in New Hampshire. Besides this, he served in the Senate and was a member of the House of Representatives. Pierce signed the Kansas–Nebraska Act imposing the Fugitive Slave Act that politically resulted in the American Civil War. Although trade treaties signed with Britain and Japan increased accountability and reformed cabinets. His popularity was demured as the act caused violent conflicts on the expansion of slavery. Now ranked as the less memorable and among the worst presidents of America. His wife suffered from depression and illness, three young children died at a young age, and the last son died in a train accident.

  1. Warren G. Harding

Warren G. Harding- Top 10 Worst Presidents of America of All Time

Warren Gamaliel Harding was a politician, journalist, and the 12th U.S president. He was the first elected sitting senator and among the most popular presidents in the U.S, representing Ohio. His contribution to the newspaper The Marion star was another achievement for his reputation. His policy in Washington Naval Conference naval program was a successful addition that lasted for a decade.

Besides serving as president, Warren previously served as lieutenant governor and U.S Senate. His death unfolded numerous scandals such as Teapot Dome, corruption, and extramarital affair, lowering the reputation he gained.

  1. Donald Trump

Donald Trump- Top 10 Worst Presidents of America of All Time

Donald Trump is a politician, businessman, media personality, and the 45th USA serving president. He is the first president in America without government service or military background. Upon his presidential election, several protests sparked asking for an investigation claiming Russian interference and conspiracy. Trump got more backlash from the citizens after his racist actions, derogatory and false remarks alongside misleading statements in his campaigns. During his tenure of presidentship, Donald initiated numerous immoral decisions, such as the family separations policy, travel ban, Tax Cuts, Affordable Care Act, and Jobs Act of 2017, attracting more hate towards self. He is the sole one in the history of presidents to be prosecuted twice and ranks 3rd as the worst president of America in history.

  1. Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson- Top 10 Worst Presidents of America of All Time

Andrew Johnson comes at 2nd place in this list of the top 10 worst presidents of America. He was the 17th U.S. president, assuming after the assassination death of Abraham Lincoln. Aside from tailor, Andrew got involved in politics by serving as mayor, alderman, and governor of Tennessee and the only non-resigning Senate (sitting). Before the victorious election of vice president, he worked as a military governor. He was the only ex-president at service in the U.S Senate. Johnson was divergent on the Fourteenth Amendment Act to give citizenship to former bond servants while seeking to dissolve the  Republican (opposition) House. Therefore conflicts paved the way for the Tenure of Office Act confining Andrew, who later faced impeachment for forcing the dismissal of the War Secretary.

  1. James Buchanan

James Buchanan- Top 10 Worst Presidents of America of All Time

James Buchanan Jr was the 15th serving U.S president, lawyer, diplomat, politician, and state secretary representing Pennsylvania. James had an impactful political service background before the presidency as a Federalist, minister, Senator, and minister of the United Kingdom. Throughout his presidential tenure, Buchanan attempted terrible choices, such as the Kansas case and the Dred Scott case resulting in the anger of Northern Democrats and Republicans. His leadership period was addressed as a lame-duck prior to the Civil War in America, describing Buchanan as incompetent. Due to multiple failures and ineffective decisions, Buchanan is quoted as the worst president of the United States ever.


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