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Top 10 Worst Book Covers in History

By Periscope @periscopepost
10 Worst Book Titles in History Just one of many terrible book covers

The background

Here’s an argument against electronic books – you won’t be able to see such fascinatingly bad book covers as the ones that So Bad, So Good have chosen for your delectation. Scoped Out brings to you their Top Ten best bad book covers. You can delight in She’s My Sister: Having A Retarded Sister. Or, if you prefer, there is The Psychology of BodyBuilding. There’s a Tarzan with a suspiciously sexy attitude towards Cheetah; and there’s also the Big Coloring Book of Vaginas Delight yourselves with these publishing disasters.

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Here are a few of the book covers. Check out So Bad, So Good for the rest.

Top 10 Worst Book Covers in History

Top 10 Worst Book Covers in History

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