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Top 10 Video Game Themed Cars

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

Not so much these days, but I used to love playing videogames. The excitement, thrill of a new shoot-em-up or fighting game would always filly me with happiness. I think the furthest I ever went with a video game was to put up a wall full of Zelda posters, but some people make whole cars in the style of their favourite games…


Top 10 Video Game Themed Cars


10 – Zelda

This 1978 Ford Fairmont featuring a full classic Zelda video game map as well some character decals is simple to look at but made from pure fan joy. Perfect for a long drive to Lon Lon ranch.

9 – Street Fighter

While this Street Fighter themed chariot is only styled at the back you can tell by the quality of the drawing that it is hand drawn and therefore well worthy of a mention here. Anyone who thinks it is rubbish gets a Ryu style hadorken.

8 – Megaman

With a massive Blue Bomber this hand styled Mega Man car is crazy cool. Sadly I couldn’t find much details out about it, but I do know it was a great game, a great car and well worth including in this list.

7 – COD

For those transport nerds, I do know that this is more a jeep than a car, but it is still a car of sorts and videogames themed Hummer H1. Made by German body-wrap specialist Cam-Shaft it is well worth being in the list.

6 – Sonic

Sure it is nothing more than a smart car with an advert on the side of it, but at least they themed the whole car in the style of the avert. I am not a fan of smart cars, but I will happily drive around in this all day long!

5 – Pacman

Now this is what I call a videogame themed car! With the wing mirrors, wheels and seats all styled to the red and yellow pacman style this is one of the best you will see, even if it is a little too retro for most people.

4 – Donkey Kong

There were quite a few DK styled cars to choose from, but I personally think that this is the very best of them, With some hand painted decals and styled wheels it embodies all that is fun about Donkey Kong.

3 – Outrun

Not only does this out run themed car look like the arcade machine, but it really is an arcade themed outrun car! Modified from the original arcade cabinet is is nippy, kart like in style and sure to turn heads in any show or event.

2 – Space Invaders

This Mini Cooper with retro print Space Invader decals is one of the better made video game inspired cars and was in fact used to market the new mini cooper car! It seems us nerds get everywhere, even in car marketing departments.

1 – Super Mario

Lets face it. It was always going to be a Nintendo themed car in the number 1 spot because that is the gaming era that I was brought up in. Plus this classic Super Mario car is not only great looking, but it is also a classic car it’s self! Very cool (and nerdy) indeed.

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