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Top 10 Thug Life Videos

Posted on the 25 February 2015 by 72point @72hub

Urban Dictionary defines Thug Life as: ‘the opposite of someone having all they need to succeed. Thug life is when you have nothing, and succeed, when you have overcome all obstacles to reach your aim’.

The term, popularised by the late rapper 2Pac Shakur, has taken on a new life outside of rap music and gang life, with the communities on Youtube, Vine and Reddit embracing the term.

The videos and Vines usually display an act of ballsiness, defiance or outright gangster attitude, accompanied by a bombastic 90′s rap soundtrack.

With so many thug life examples out there we thought we’d do the hard work for you and put together a list of the Top 10 ranked by their views on Youtube.  


1. Russian Thug

2. “I can’t tie my shoes…” Thug

3. Beyond Thug Life

4. Thug Judy

5. Weed Jesus Thug

6. Magic Thug

7. Triple OG Thug

8. Gym Thug

9. Feminist Thug

10. Golf Thug

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