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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Lapland in 2020

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

Lapland is one of the places on Earth that has a magic touch, that transports people to moments on another planet. The nature of this region remains almost intact thanks to the fact that it has very few inhabitants. This makes it an excellent destination for tourists who love nature in its purest expression, and who want to live dreamy experiences.

If this is your case, here are 10 reasons to go from Holidays to Lapland with Voyage Privé.


Highways are made of ice, not cement. Thanks to the climate, it isn't effortless for cars to move. This is not a problem since snowmobiles are the transport of the area. If as a tourist you want a guided tour on a snowmobile, you will be given the necessary equipment so that you do not feel the cold. They are easy to drive, so you don't have to worry.


Dog sledging is not a movie thing. You can feel the blades rubbing against each other as they glide across the frozen ground. Close your eyes and experience the silence as you move through the Norwegian cold.

Crab Fishing in Kirkenes

You can catch your own King Crab and eat it for dinner while having a glass of wine. To catch it, you'll have to make a hole in the ground, just like in the movies.

The Samis

The Samis are Lapland's ethnic minority. You will learn about their culture when you travel to the region. They attach great importance to nature, and this is reflected in their language: they have more than a hundred ways of referring to snow.

An Ice Hotel

Just as you read: if you go to Lapland, you will have the opportunity to stay in a hotel built of ice. When spring comes, it will melt, showing the ephemeral nature of life.

The Northern Lights

There is not much to explain about the intriguing nature of this phenomenon, is there? If you're one of the lucky ones, you'll get to see the Northern Lights in person. Dare to hunt one down and have an indescribable experience.

The Landscapes

Nature at its best, the northern winters, the inhospitable and wild environment, the infinity of landscapes... Everything will make you feel tiny if you compare it with the immensity of the environment. You will see wildlife everywhere.


One of the sports activities in Lapland is trekking. You will have a shoe pass with rackets and with the warmest clothes you have. Don't worry if you are not in the best physical condition, there are routes for everyone.

The Food

All the food consumed in Lapland is organic. It has gastronomy that mixes the flavours of the land and the sea. Enjoy sustainable food with a variety of flavours, with a preparation that is unique in the world.

Santa Claus

Rovaniemi is the city where you see the magic of Santa Claus. If for an adult, it is a unique experience, for a child, it is the most valuable reason to discover Lapland.

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