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Top 10 Mars Bar Recipes

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

Today’s chocolate bar is one that is both a childhood favourite, and popular lunch time snack. the advert used to go “A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play”, but they had to drop that slogan for some silly EU reason. But the bar itself still reigns supreme on the top selling chocolate bars, so it deserves to get these top 10 recipe ideas…

Top 10 Mars Bar Recipes


10 – Mousse

Containing no less than 6 Mars bars this recipe for a frozen mousse dessert could be a killer after BBQ treat that is sure to make kids and adults coming back for more.

9 – Muffins

One of the easiest recipes in the list to make, but done right (like in the image) it can look decadent and classy. The making guide is not up to much in the image link, but most of the style is in the presentation.

8 – Slices

In a world of brown chocolate colours it is hard to find the recipes that stand out from the crown, but this one that features a Christmas green style to it is one of the more unusual and therefore best recipes around.

7 – Fried

Ever since my post “Top 10 Deep Fried Desserts” I have wondered what these deep fried chocolate bars taste like, and the Mars bar deep fried seems to be one of the most popular. So maybe I will follow the recipe and making guide in the image link and try some.

6 – Snack Balls

Perfect for after food snacks, or maybe something fun to make with the little ones! These chocolate Mars balls are bite sized and look incredibly Moorish. Recipe and making guide can be found by clicking on the image.

5 – Giant Cupcake

Those of you who have been with me a while will remember this from my post “Top 10 Unusual Giant Cupcakes” and still I can’t seem to find the original owner of the image or any recipe or making guide in sight. But as far as things top make with a Mars bar go this has to be one of the best you will ever see.

4 – Cake

We had to have at least one normal style cake in this list and here it it. But this layered style is as good as Mars bar cakes get, offering each bite a different taste and texture. Full making guide in the image link, but the link goes to the Spanish text version of it, all you need to do is to click on the British flag on the left side bar.

3 – Brownies

It seems you can make just about anything into brownie, so it goes without saying that there is a Mars bar style recipe. But this is as good as they come, with a luxury style look and creamy caramel style they are sure to make people come back for more again and again. Full recipe and fantastic making guide can be found by clicking on the image.

2 – Tunnel

Just when I thought I had seen all the Mars bar cake recipe styles there was to see I came across this stunning “tunnel cake” recipe. Sure it looks like a complicated make, but boy would it be worth it. Get clicking and get making is what I say!

1 – cheesecake

Even the picture made me want it, let alone reading out the list of mouth watering ingredients. this stunning cheesecake with a chocolate chip biscuit base is the best thing you can make with a Mars bar for sure, and well worth clicking on that link and making your own. (Just make sure you send a bit to me!)

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