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Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas For Men – TV Theme

By Dudepins @dudepins

Halloween costume ideas can be hard to come by.  For men especially, you’re forced to come up with a different idea every year until you start to dread the coming of October 31 every year.  Ideally, this idea is a little trendy, original, and clever. Every time. Yeah right.  Here are some Halloween costume ideas for men from our favorite TV shows to get the ball rolling.

10. Anyone From The Game of Thrones Halloween Costume


String some roadkill together, or find a cool looking medieval-era costume.  Bonus authenticity points are given for long hair and your own sigil, which is probably a good idea nonetheless.  Or you could just go naked; after all, fans of Game of Thrones are no strangers to nudity.  (Your sarcasm radars should be going off right about now).

9. A Walking Dead Zombie Halloween Costume


Too easy? I’m not really sure how you would ever even come close to matching the SFX/Makeup from the TV show, but you could always wear a ripped up Walking Dead t-shirt or something to nail it home that you’re from the epic TV show.

8. Wilson W. Wilson Halloween Costume – Home Improvement


Far from the mainstream these days, Home Improvement’s Wilson W. Wilson was that guy who’s face was always hidden by the fence.  I have no idea how you’d actually do this, but wear one of those floppy hats, and find a creative way of transporting a piece of fence.  Some kind of handheld thing like they have at basketball games? D… Fence? Hey, I thought I’d throw it out there.  You can always buy a Binford tee to hammer it home.

7. Dexter Morgan Halloween Costume


Another toughie.  Clean yourself up a bit, and maybe carry around a noose, knife, and syringe. Maybe a little blood spatter.  Hey, it’s a challenge, but rise to it and you could pull off a pretty cool and definitely unique costume.

6. Cartman Halloween Costume – South Park


Super easy. Grab an old oversized red jacket at a thrift shop or something, a toque, and gloves.  Stuff a few pillows up your shirt, or make use of your natural girth to perfect the look (relax, summer’s basically over). If anyone asks, just pinch your nose with your fingers and swear at them.  Or politely explain your costume, whichever one’s more your style.

5. Vampire Halloween Costume


It doesn’t even matter what TV show we’re talking about here… Vampires no longer stand for old Transylvania.  This is great because that means it is literally the easiest Halloween costume imaginable for all you Halloween slackers out there.  Fake teeth and baby powder to lighten the complexion.  Bite your lip really, really, hard for an authentic bloodstain.

4. Marge Simpson Halloween Costume


Shake all of your qualms about wearing a dress; a certain Dudepins CEO wore one last year, so you can definitely get away with it.  Besides, you’re going to be wearing the greatest wig of all time.  (Yeah, that’s right. you can buy one) On second thought, you might not even need the dress.

3. One of the Storage Wars Characters Halloween Costume


Admit it. This show is way to hard to ignore. If you’re not sure who to go with, just pick Dave Hester, since he always has that stupid hat and shirt combo on.  Load up on his gear, and jack his “style” for a distinctive Halloween costume.  He’s not even on the show anymore, but people will still get it.

2. A Survivor Contestant Halloween Costume


To fully prepare for this costume, one should just head out to a remote island with nothing but a hatchet for a week or two.  If you’re not manly enough for this approach -a bit of dirt, running shoes, colored bandanas, an immunity necklace, and (if you’re still not satisfied) a survivor logo t-shirt will make for a pretty solid costume.

1. Walter White Halloween Costume – Breaking Bad


The trendiest choice these days.  A pretty effective costume too, imagine this: a bald cap, a blazer, jeans, and goatee along with some old glasses.  Throw on a Los Pollos Hermanos
T-shirt to make it extra obvious.  Work on your scowl for theatrical effect.

The hardest part of choosing a pop-culture Halloween costume is making it recognizable.  When in doubt, see if you can subtly work the show’s logo or other defining characteristic into your costume (as I’ve suggested on several occasions).  Good luck!  Browse for further inspiration on

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