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Top 10 Creative Safety Equipment and Signs

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

Most safety signs are there for a reason. To prevent you harming yourself, to warn you of possible dangers ahead. What I think these things need is a facelift, and it seems there are some very creative people who are already ahead of me. Artists, designers and people who are just very talented indeed…


Top 10 Creative Safety Equipment and Signs


10 – Skeleton safety crew

Over the next few items we are going to be seeing a lot of designer saftey equipment that is more art than any pratical use, and this first one says it all. Sometimes making something look better is not making it any better. (If you get my point.)

9 – Designer fire fighting equipment

There is a reason why Fire extinguishers are red, it is because health and safety laws require ALL fire extinguishers to be RED because it is easier to see in a smoke filled room. This is a fact that Fire Design from France have missed, but the results of their design fire extinguishers are rather cool.

8 – Standing out.

These amazing 3d safety signs are in fact 3D artworks by Japanese artist Yuki Matsueda. But I think they should be on sale, because a 3D sign would look much better on wall than a 2D one.

7 – Down the hatch!

This was first seen in one of my more unusual posts entitled “Top 10 Fire Safety Escape Chutes” are these types of child friendly fire safety escape chutes. The idea was if you make exiting the building fun, then kids will get out the building quicker!

6 – Zerba burgers?

Sometimes creative safety and marketing can go hand in hand. If we like it or not kids relate to the McDonald’s brand, and so the safety crossing makes good sense both in style and marketing value.

5 – Belt up, its gonna be one hell of a ride.

This is a roadside safety campaign trying to get people to wear their seatbelts while sat in the back. I don’t know about anyone else, but I won’t even start the car until I know everyone had their seatbelts on.

4 – Kitty Brigade

Over in Japan they treat Hello Kitty like some sort of spokes person for all things child related. But whether or not it is a good idea, I am not so sure. But they do look great!

3 – What if…

Sometimes road safety signs are just not enough. So this campaign to get people to slow down by thinking how they would feel if their children lived in the village is creative and very honourable indeed.

2 – Safety by art

You don’t have to have creative equipment to make safety equipment look amazing. Sometimes you can just go around them, and that is what this design studio has done. Creative, amusing and a good way for kids to learn the locations of the equipment as well.

1 – Slippery when ate.

I have no idea why no-one has come up with this before. This creative banana style wet floor sign reminds me of playing Mario kart, but it also reminds me that they are slippery. Creative, simple and yet deadly effective.

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