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Top 10 Best Toblerone Recipes

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

Very much seen as festive time treat in our house the Toblerone is a very tasty triangle of goodness indeed. It is said that its name originates from the chocolatier’s family name “Tobler” combined with the Italian word for nougat “torrone.” But who cares about origins, all we care about is that are the top 10 best things to make with them…  

Top 10 Best Toblerone Recipes


10 – Hedgehog Cake

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while will remember this from my post “Top 10 Hedgehog Cakes” and a classic thing to make with Toblerone triangles indeed.

9 – Nougat Cheesecake

Definitely one of the more unusual cheesecakes you will find in this top 10. With a digestive biscuit base, and topped of with a Toblerone Ganache it is one crazy recipe and making guide to follow if you are up for something a little different in your desserts.

8 – Friands

I have to be honest and tell you that I still don’t really know what a friand is, but it looks super tasty, contains strawberries and has a full recipe and making guide, meaning it was perfect for this post.

7 – Cocktail

With ½ shots of Kahlua, Baileys and Frangelico this is a milkshake cocktail for sophisticated parties. Full making guide in the image link.

6 – Mousse Fondues

The name of these alone is a mouthful, but I would also like a mouthful of them! With strawberries, carambolas, star fruit and seedless red and green grapes there is loads of fruit and loads of taste with this more unusual recipe. Making guide and recipe can be found as always by clicking on the image.

5 – Brioche Babka

Not that easy to say, and probably not that easy to make. This amazing bread style Toblerone recipe is one that would be perfect with a nice cup of coffee, or other hot drink. Full recipe and making guide in the image link.

4 – Cinnamon Buns

If there is one little snack I do love it is cinnamon buns, so this recipe for me ticks all the right boxes. Plus having a recipe and making guide to follow is also a real bonus. Toblerone buns here I come!

3 – Cookies

I do love a nice home-made cookie now and again, so it might well be worth me making some of these snack size Toblerone cookies. The good news for me is that there is both a recipe and making guide to follow along with.

2 – macarons

Macaroon day might be well gone by now, but that doesn’t stop us from making some of these perfect little snacks in the shape of  Toblerone macarons! At least there is a full recipe and making guide to follow for us poor cooks.

1 – Cheesecake

I know we have already had the Nougat Cheesecake, but this is too good not to share with everyone. Not only does it looks great but it also sounds great, and offers a full recipe and making guide that you can find for yourself by clicking on the image.

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