Top 10 Best Non-beach Vacations in the US

Posted on the 10 October 2022 by Mirela Letailleur @mirela_iepurela

Going to the beach for a vacation is such a cliche. What if your family doesn’t like sand? What if you’ve been to the beach three summers in a row? Is it time for a new vacation idea? If so, while you’re considering which airline to fly and whether or not you should purchase travel insurance, you should also take a look at these top non-beach vacations to try something different. 1. Chicago Chicago, Illinois is a city that has it all: a vibrant downtown scene, historical buildings and ballparks, a marvelous shopping district, and even a massive lake if ...

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Original post by Mirela Letailleur (The Travel Bunny): Top 10 best non-beach vacations in the US

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