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Top 10 Asheville Confessions from the Last Two Days

Posted on the 22 February 2013 by Citizenthymes @citizenthymes

We asked you Asheville what you would like to confess to 100% anonymously over on our Asheville Confessions page. Here are the top 10 confessions from the last two days.

1. I ate the last piece of my son’s birthday cake, I told him this morning the cake monster stole it #avlconfessions


2. I know in Asheville this is considered the ultimate sin but my favorite restaurants are Olive Garden, Red Lobster, CC’s Pizza & Ryan’s, and I eat at these places as often as possible #avlconfessions

3. I don’t pay for the Asheville Citizen Times because I found a way around the pay wall #avlconfessions


4.The following confession received 84 comments: I HATE Asheville, I hate the restaurants, I hate the tourists, I hate the transplants, I hate the beer, I hate the art, I hate hippies & hipsters, I hate the smell of patchouli, I think dreadlocks, facial piercings & huge ear plugs are completely disgusting & makes my skin crawl, I couldn’t care any less if my food is organic or locally produced, Every time I hear someone say the words; all natural, organic, holistic, spiritual, vegan or vegetarian I just want to punch them in the throat. I hate all the shops in downtown, the job market sucks, the pay is insulting, and because of that it makes it VERY difficult to save up the money necessary to afford to move to town that is NOTHING like Asheville & more like the rest of the world. #avlconfessions


5. The only reason I grew a beard is so I would get an automatic man card and wouldn’t have to watch football. #avlconfessions

6. I work in a restaurant and sometimes when a customer orders one of the local draft beers I will give them Budweiser or Michelob instead and so far not a single customer has ever comment, in fact many have commented how much they loved it. #avlconfessions

7. I skipped going to the gym today for ice cream at the Hop, I think I burned some calories getting out my wallet #avlconfessions


8. Every now and then I touch myself to biscuits #avlconfessions


9. I shop at Wal-Mart & eat at McDonalds more often than I like to admit & I like it #avlconfessions

10. As a business owner; I NEVER HIRE ANYONE FROM THE SOUTH and for obvious reasons #avlconfessions


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