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"... Too Often We’re Picturing a Distant God..."

Posted on the 29 March 2013 by Brutallyhonest @Ricksteroni

Jennifer Fulwiler has Good Friday thoughts I think worth sharing, particularly for those who suffer in some way:

For me, there is only one source of comfort in moments like this:

The crucifix.

When we rail against God for human pain, too often we’re picturing a distant God who sits aloof in his DaliChristOnCrossthrone upon the clouds. But to see the crucifix is to see the God who allows suffering, but does not exempt himself from it. To ponder the crucifix is to ponder the fact that that man, naked in bleeding on the cross, is the incarnate form of the One who created each molecule on each star and planet in all the billions of galaxies in the universe. To gaze at a crucifix is to learn the story of the creatures who introduced misery into their world through their own disobedience, which they chose through their own free will, and then to hear the tale of the Creator who did not abandon them to wallow in the mess they had made for themselves, but who jumped down into it with them instead. It is to behold a God who used his own pain to transform suffering into a love-generating act, opening the door for his children to be reunited with him in an eternity of peace.

Each time I am tempted to scream, Where is our God when we suffer?!, the crucifix provides its own, wordless response: He is right here, suffering with us.

Right there suffering for us.

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