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Too Much Texting

By Joanigeltman @joanigeltman
Zits Cartoon for Feb/15/2014
I keep hoping that my college students will think my class is so scintillating that doing the "lap dance", and by lap dance I mean texting and tweeting under their desk on their lap while I am killing myself trying to be the entertaining/educational professor that changes their life, could at least be on hold till after my 65 minute class. But alas, this has not happened, no matter how many times I remind them to put their phones away, not on your lap I cajole, in your backpack, under your desk, out of sight. Two minutes into class, turning back from writing on the board, I catch more than a several students, head down and fiddling with their phone. I GIVE UP!!!! If you don't want me writing about your kids two or three years down the line, you need to start doing something now!!!!!
Your kids will hate you, shout at you, be abusive, tell you that you are the worst parent ever. SO WHAT! Man/woman up!! Just say no! No texting/tweeting/instagraming (TTI) during meal times, no TTI during family occasions where ever and whenever. No TTI in bed, No TTI during home work time or during the 2 hour TTI abstaining time that is your family rule. Arguing, complaining, and being otherwise obnoxious should be met with a OK I guess it's time to switch out the smartphone, and get you an old fashion phone that just does texting and talking. You remember talking, that's what you use your mouth for!
Do I sound frustrated, and irritated. You bet I am. This is a WHOLLY preventative problem. Your teen will not set limits on themselves. Never gonna happen. Their impulsive brain is saying: "more please." They have already been shown the gateway to heaven, and the only way they will be turned away at the gates is if you do it. You don't have to get mad, or yell and scream. You just have to tell them this is the way you roll. You love them, and you see the bigger picture, that you completely understand that they can't see and don't want to see. But that is your job, and if they are pissed off at you, then that is the price you have to pay for being a good parent.
I know you can do it.

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