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Too Excited to Be Wordless This Wednesday

By Tuckshopgardener @tuckshopgardenr
Have had an extremely productive morning constructing my new raised bed.  Got the idea from the #britishflowers twitter group (that typo came out as 'titter group',  quite like it) on Monday evening.  Rosie Ellis @bespokeconfetti suggested that a cut off builders dumpy bag filled with gritty soil would make a perfect home for growing larkspur.
Funnily enough, on my remaining concrete wasteland patch, I had a builders dumpy with the remains of a load of ballast in it.  Shifted the stacked slabs currently in that spot, dragged the dumpy into position and cut down the sides.  Now all I need to do is top it up with some gritty topsoil - still have the leftovers from my friend's previous donation in a heap at the bottom of the garden so will add grit, mix it up and chuck it in.  So pleased to be using up all these things which have been cluttering up the place!
A further ingredient I've been able to put to use are the blue bricks which have been sitting around in stacks since I lifted them out of the paved side area. They are now neatly providing an unmortared wall around this new planting pocket, and I think that they transform it from a bit of an eyesore into something quite presentable.
Too excited to be wordless this Wednesday
Too excited to be wordless this Wednesday
I can already imagine it billowing with larkspur in a few months time.  I will defeat slugs with organic pellets this year, following last year's onslaught on the dahlias.  They will not beat me in 2013.
So a massive THANKYOU again to Rosie for her brilliant idea!!!

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