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Tony Farrell - UK Police Intelligence Analyst - 7/7 Was an Inside Job

Posted on the 11 July 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
The thing about all this CORPORATE WAR GAME (for profit and global control) is it's not necessary. When we all go to war, THIRD WORLD WAR, as might happen if the war for profit and global control of your pocket continues at this rate, there's no turning back.
There'll be D.U. munition dust EVERYWHERE.
There'll be counter-terror spies in EVERY OFFICE.
There'll be "complications for every new (legislative) complication." (Brazil 1985)
And still, YOU THE PEOPLE will be shat on, from space internet 2, in the name of secrecy and complicity in "La Grande Mensonge". And that's all Contemporary Society appears to be, a great big fucking lie, spat right in the face of all SEVEN BILLION OF YOU.
Anyway, here's the video (with editorial), make of it what you will...
An Principal Intelligence Analyst for South Yorkshire Police has spoken out about the July 7th '05 London Bombings. Tony Farrell who has served for the police since 1998 is convinced as he can be that the bombings were a false flag attack carried out by intelligence agencies. In July 2010 he was asked to compile a threat assessment report for South Yorkshire Police. His own research lead him to believe the major threat in the UK today is from an "internal tyranny" which the public are slowly finding out about. He believes the public's reaction to these facts may present a threat of public unrest. He was dismissed from his post last year because his views were considered untenable, but the police officers who sacked him did not disagree with his views! In fact they seemed to encourage him to appeal the decision. He is now awaiting a tribunal for unfair dismissal taking place in September 2011.

And here's my final word on this, "Does anyone else feel like they're being PLAYED, like all the time?"

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