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Tonight! Sealy ISD School Board Meeting

Posted on the 22 March 2012 by Lawanda @lawanda43

Like most underwear bloggers, I started my work early. I used my brain, and a little research, and I tried to remember the long term goals Scott Kana, and associates, had for Sealy public schools. I came up with only one thing: hiring only local teachers. Well, all of that sort of flies in the face of current "Teach for America" standards, so, I wondered what his short term goals could be.

Gosh, I couldn't find a thing. Have we got plans to build a new junior high? Do we have a strategy for closing the elusive achievement gap? What about that mysterious cabinet at Sealy High School that is so thin for seniors? Do we know how to keep these kids from dropping out? Do we have an APP for that?

We are barely at the "Acceptable" level here in Sealy, America...our kids will likely face fierce competition for rigorous academic placements...maybe too fierce, when you consider the high school weight room is more important than the high school science lab.

How about those state TEKS? What about that new STAAR TEST? What is Kana gonna do now? What are his goals? What, specifically, is he gonna do?

That, my friends, is the superintendent's job. To plan, to decide, to follow the law....what will happen to my young son in a community where people are openly afraid to critically question? How many times have I heard, "Well, I would say something, but, I am afraid of them taking it out on my kid." Something is wrong when parents are talking like that.

It is time to take back control of Sealy Schools. It is time for my tax money, and yours, to be spent wisely...not on girlfriend job placements, or late day is time to get down to the business of teaching to the TEKS. It is time to make our kids great competitors in a world economy.

Not just the economy of just Sealy, Texas.

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