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Tongue in cheek blog corey amaro


Thank you for your comments regarding migraines. Who knew so many of us suffered with such. I read and re read each comment, and will take heed of the advice given. Those of us who have migraines understand that it is a tricky thing to treat. With drugs or no drugs it isn't easy to manage or live with. Whenever I wish for something, after I wish good health and happiness for my family and friends, I sneak in no more migraines please. 


Tongue in Cheek Blog Corey Amaro


On another note, as you know there were some problems with the server I use to write my blog. Those issues have been resolved. The weird ad that appeared randomly when some of you clicked on my blog, is gone. It seems the comment section is working right for most of you, and soon my blog will have a facelift and with that the old wrinkles will be made smooth.

After much frustrations with the email subscription not working properly, and trying BLOGLOVIN' only to find out that it sent my blog out sometimes, but not all the time I have decided to pay for FEEDBLITZ'S help. And instantly I was impressed. So on the top right hand corner of my blog you will see FEEDBLITZ email subscription. It costs nothing to you. But my blog will come to you whenever I update which is daily. Plus you can add it to Pinterest, Facebook or whatever social media that you would like to share it.



Annie is home


Annie is coming home! The cast is off! Annie comes home Monday.

Thank you for your prayers and good thoughts. I believe in the energy of love, of holding someone in your heart, thank you for giving that to Annie. 


Sunday flea market


And please remember I love the brocante.

Come let the brocante bug bite you.

My shop is always open, to see it click here, or on the link on the top

right corner of this blog, under the email subscription link.


Bird and wreath


Now that all is good, I want to thank you for being such loving faithful and generous readers of my blog. Chelsea said the other day when she greeted a renter of our apartment in Paris, "Mom, everyone who rents the apartment from your blog, I feel I have known them forever, they are so loving and kind! It is as if your blog is a magnate for good people."

Ah gee! Who could ask for anything more!

Thank you.


Tongue in Cheek Blog
Tongue in Cheek Blog
Tongue in Cheek Blog
Tongue in Cheek Blog
Tongue in Cheek Blog
Tongue in Cheek Blog

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