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Tomatrax Top20 LPs of 2020

Posted on the 17 December 2020 by Tomatrax @TomatraxAU

It's now time to look at the next best of list for 2020. Here are 20 collections of around 10 or so tracks from 20 distinct artists, otherwise known as an album, Long Player, or LP.

Each album on the list is a embed from Spotify or Bandcamp so you can listen to each song from each album and hear the music for yourself.

Over the weekend we'll be counting down the Top 100 songs of 2020, With numbers 100 to 51 being presented on Facebook from Noon Saturday (Brisbane time), and the Top 50 from Noon Sunday.

Now onto the list.

20. Lunar Twin - Ghost moon ritual

19. I Have Four Names - IH4N

18. Tia Gostelow - Chrysails

17. The Beths - Jump rope gazers

16. EOB - Earth

15. Black Needle Noise - These mortal covers

14. PJ Orr - Tightrope walker

13. Andy Bell - The view from halfway down

12. Violent Soho - Everything is A-OK

11. Lisa Caruso - In feelings

10. Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher

9. Royal Chant - Black Verse

8. Key Out - anthropomorphia

7. Buildings and Food - Up down strange charm

6. Thurston Moore - By the fire

5. Gorillaz - Song machine

4. Lime Cordiale - 14 steps to a better you

3. Beauty in Chaos - the storm before the calm

2. A shoreline dream - melting

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