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Tom Thumb

By Itellyouastory

A poor woodman  sat in  his cottage  one night,  smoking his  pipe bythe fireside, while his  wife sat  by his side  spinning. «How  lonelyit  is, wife,» said he, as he puffed out a long curl of smoke, «for youand me  to sit here by  ourselves, without any  children to play  aboutand amuse  us while other people seem so happy and merry with theirchildren!» «What you say is very true,»  said the wife, sighing,  andturning round her  wheel; «how happy  should I  be  if I  had but  onechild! If  it were  ever  so small-nay, if it were no bigger than mythumb—I should be very happy,  and love it dearly.» Now - odd  as you maythink it - it came  to pass that  this good woman’s wish was fulfilled,just in  the very way she had wished  it; for, not long afterwards, shehad a little boy, who was quite healthy  and strong, but was not  muchbigger than  my thumb. So  they said, «Well,  we cannot say we have notgot what we wished for,  and, little as he is,  we will love himdearly.» And they called him Thomas Thumb.

They gave him  plenty of food,  yet for all  they could do  he nevergrew bigger, but kept  just the  same size  as he had  been when  he wasborn. Still, his eyes were sharp and sparkling, and he soon showedhimself to be a clever little fellow, who always knew well what he wasabout.


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