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Today We Are Wearing.....

By Tuckshopgardener @tuckshopgardenr
....mostly twigs.
Forage your wreath ingredients - there are lots out there!
This one is made from a metal wreath frame wrapped with silver birch twigs.  Two young teenagers on bikes saw me picking up twigs on my way back from school today and were curious as to what on earth I was doing.
"Here's one", kindly offered one youth, proffering a mangled stick which had been run over several times to me, the obviously mad lady.
I had to then explain that I only wanted pretty twigs, not any random manky objects - which probably just made me seem madder, now I come to think of it...
Twiggy wreaths are, however, among my favorite styles. Nice to have a birds nest on your door.  The only question remaining is: to bling or not to bling?  Toying with the idea of a clip on robin or a few gold sprayed teasel heads. What do you reckon?

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