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Today the World Is New Again

By Kcaseysmith @karencaseysmith

You’re creating your life day by day, choice by choice, thought by thought. This is good news! Your life is an ongoing creation, so you always have the opportunity to make adjustments, and even go in a new direction if you like. What if you treat each morning as a fresh start? How would it feel to count your blessings before you fall asleep, and really feel into the gratitude and appreciation you have for each of them? Never despair about where you are right now; it’s a serious waste of your energy. Instead of regrets, try focusing on what you love, and move confidently in that direction. Within every moment is the opportunity to make a new choice.

“Today is a new day. Even if you were wrong yesterday, you can get it right today.” ~ Dwight Howard

flowering pink magnolia in spring

Today the World Is New Again

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