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Today's Review: Tesco Cinnamon Squares

By Areviewaday
Today's Review: Tesco Cinnamon Squares
Over four years ago, in my second review, I told the tale of my life long hatred of cinnamon, beginning with the accidental consumption of Cinnamon Grahams. Since I've started reviewing, however, I have finally weaned myself onto the taste of cinnamon, enjoying many treats that contain the spice. But a little while ago I decided to revisit my food nemesis, although I didn't fancy paying full price for the proper branded stuff only to eject it violently from my mouth. So upon spying this Tesco cinnamon cereal, displayed within their 3 for £3 section, I figured it was worth a try. After all, if it went wrong, I had two other cereals to wash it down with.
These are, basically, cinnamon squares. They're crunchy rice and wheat squares, covered in cinnamon. The main thing I noticed upon eating a spoonful is that I certainly didn't mind the taste. Hooray, my mortal food enemy has become an ally! The spiciness is certainly not very pronounced, and lends a nice sweetness to what would otherwise be some bland cereal squares. That's not to say this cereal is without its problems. The squares themselves are not as crunchy as I expected. They're quite thick and a little stodgy, and the addition of milk only makes it worse. Sure, they have a bit of crunch if you eat them quickly enough, but they are a little too soft for my liking. As for the cinnamon, while I certainly didn't mind it, there is just too much spread on. Every time I tip the box up a load of powder comes out, and it just contributes to a bit of an overload where the cinnamon is concerned. This isn't an awful cereal, it's an interesting start to the morning, but I'm sure it could be more well made. But now I know my next mission, to buy a box of Curiously Cinnamon and chow down.
My rating: 3/5

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