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Today's Review: Sharing Plates Of Vegetables In Restaurants

By Areviewaday
I'll openly admit, I am not a fine diner. I visit far more fast food joints and cut price chain pubs than those with more character and class, though it's not through lack of desire. It's more an issue of money, or lack thereof. Sure, occasionally I go out for a nice meal, and the food is normally pretty great. But what I can't abide is going to a fancy place, ordering a roast dinner, and being presented with a plate of vegetables to share between two or more people.
The roast dinner I had today cost £14, but still I was expected to dig into a communal vegetable pot instead of having my own private collection on my plate. It makes me uneasy. I have to ensure I take the correct amount, and the right proportion of each vegetable. If I take too much, I'll seem greedy and selfish. If I take too little, everyone else may be obliged to take too little, and you end up with wasted vegetables. It's just a stressor that I don't expect when I'm just going out for a nice Sunday roast.
I get there may be reasons behind the separate vegetables, but I don't see how any of them are that important. If you must separate the veg, at least give me my own private portion. Even if it's an issue of some people not wanting their vegetables saturated with gravy, at least put the vegetables on the plate and serve the gravy on its own. But still individually, mind, I find sharing a jug of gravy even more stressful than sharing a plate of vegetables.
My rating: 0/5

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