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Today's Review: Pot Noodle Mac & Cheese

By Areviewaday
Today's Review: Pot Noodle Mac & Cheese
You wouldn't normally catch me eating a Pot Noodle, but sometimes I need to grab a quick, light meal for work, and having heard about this mac 'n' cheese flavor I hunted it down. Now, mac 'n' cheese is great, Pot Noodles not so much, but I was hoping they'd find a middle ground and deliver something fairly nice. 
It probably should have been clear from the offset that this wasn't going to be the best thing. For starters, it's a mac 'n' cheese without the mac, they should have called this noodles 'n' cheese, but I understand why they didn't, it doesn't sound appetising. So the macaroni is out, how does the cheese taste? Well, it's a little cheesy, but it's not your classic cheese sauce, it's a bit unpleasantly tangy, and there are some chives mixed in that really don't help with the flavor. The noodles are your average Pot Noodle offering, as in they're limp, chewy and not very nice. But hey, at least there's the sauce sachet to make things better, right? Except it's tomato sauce, which is a bit of a strange thing to put on your mac 'n' cheese, and it just blended right in, completely overwhelmed by the disappointing contents of the pot. I wasn't expecting much from this new Pot Noodle offering, but I've got to say it's just not nice. Give me Kraft any day.
My rating: 1/5

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