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Today's Review: Müller Püd Corner

By Areviewaday
Today's Review: Müller Püd Corner
I'm not a big yoghurt eater, but I managed to snag one of these new little dessert treats at work the other day. They're almost like your average Müller corner, but contain a "dairy dessert" instead of the normal yoghurt. The toppings remain much the same though, and I opted for the classic milk and white chocolate balls. As you can tell by the indentations on the pack up there, this can't really be considered a "Corner", as the balls reside in the top third of the pot. But I'm not here to argue semantics, I'm here to talk about the taste.
The main event in this pot is the "dairy dessert", and it's actually pretty nice. It's a thick, creamy offering, more similar to something you'll find in a Pots Of Joy than any other Müller product. Too much would probably be a little sickly, but it seems they've compensated for that by simply decreasing the amount of stuff in there. Therein lies the problem. There are a fair amount of balls contained in the "corner" part, and tipping them all into the yoghurt stuff was near impossible. Several bounced onto the floor, and I was left with a mound of balls perched on top of a thick dessert residing in a tiny space. To stir it all up would have resulted in more casualties, so it was quite an impractical dessert. Perhaps I should change my Müller eating ways, and dip my spoon in the dessert and then the balls, but why should I be expected to change my ways because of a package redesign?
Okay, it wasn't too big a deal, but it did put a damper on my experience. Thankfully, this dessert is pretty tasty. The chocolate balls provide a nice crunch and flavour, and the dairy dessert stuff is very nice and creamy, even if it is a little sickly. This is worth a go, especially for a treat if you're tired of your regular, "healthy" Müller Corners.
My rating: 4/5

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