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Today's Review: McDonald's Fiery Buffalo Chicken Wrap

By Areviewaday
Today's Review: McDonald's Fiery Buffalo Chicken Wrap
It's a new McDonald's wrap! That's a pretty poor picture up there, but what can I say, I went to the drive-thru. So while you may not be able to see there, this wrap contains chicken strips, lettuce, pepper jack cheese, onions and buffalo sauce. It's spicy, I'll give it that, a very decent hot sauce that made me pause a little. Definitely more than I was expecting from a McDonald's wrap, but with the level of heat there's also an absence of flavor. The rest of the ingredients make up for it, making it a decent enough effort overall, but the sauce just doesn't do it for me. I appreciate the heat, but with that famous buffalo name, I was expecting something tastier.
My rating: 3/5

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